As the 6th largest financial centre in Europe, Scotland's economy can offer a secure investment to any budding property investor. Discover why Scotland is the UK's hidden property gem.

Looking to Get Into Property Investment? Scotland Can Give You Everything You Need

property course scotland Imagine being able to offer your tenants a range of rental properties that cover the entire scope of the UK – including Scotland.

Well, you can.

Whether you live in Scotland already and want to invest in local property, or you are from another part of the UK and want to add some variety to your property portfolio, Property Mentor can help you to harness all of Scotland’s history, culture and breath-taking landscapes.

Take their rental prices for example. We may have been in a recession, but Scotland’s rents are pretty impressive.

Average Rental Prices (per month)
Type of Property
1 bedroom
2 bedroom
3 bedroom
4 bedroom

On a 3 bedroom property in Aberdeen alone, you can potentially earn £16,956 a year. Not bad for one property. Multiply that though by an additional 3 properties and you have got the makings of an annual income of £50,868.

Aberdeen is just a sample of Scotland’s numerous investment opportunities.

Look a little closer and you’ll find that Scotland is split into 32 distinctly versatile regions that can each work to enhance the profitability of your property portfolio.

A task which the Property Mentor systems and techniques can help you to achieve.

Sign up for any one of our FREE 2 hour taster sessions in Scotland today, and let us help you to begin your journey to a financially secure future.

Interesting Facts That Make Scotland A
Fantastic And Profitable Property Investment Choice

property investment scotland Type ‘property investment in Scotland’ into Google and you’ll soon discover why Scotland is a hidden property gem. Beneath its bustling surface is a property market that has got the potential to go far.

Fact 1:

Scotland occupies a third of the UK

Now considering the UK is split into 3 segments – Scotland, England and Wales - you could argue that this statement means nothing.

However, when you step back and compare Scotland’s population of 5.144 million people to the fact that more than half of Scotland has a population density of 0-9 people per km² - that is a lot of land just waiting to be utilised by you.

Fact 2:

Scotland is the 6th largest financial centre in Europe

Boasting a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of £86 billion* a year, Scotland’s economy can offer young professionals the variety and the job security they need to explore their career options. Export, finance, and steel are just some of the huge industries which are thriving in Scotland, and there are plenty more to choose from. *2006

Fact 3:

Offers fast property procedures

Now this is the one you want to take note of as a property investor. Compared to the rest of the UK where contracts are exchanged towards the end of the process; Scotland has removed this time obstacle and made contract exchanges a much more efficient process.

All that is required to enter into a legally binding agreement is for each of the parties to agree on all the main points. Once that has been established, it cannot be broken without that said individual being made liable for the counterpart’s financial losses.

Either way Scottish property procedures mean an easier and much faster route to acquiring property investments.

So what are you waiting for?

During our 2 hour taster session we can show you how to invest ANYWHERE in the UK, and make property investment a profitable avenue for your future financial freedom.

YOU Can Enjoy The Complete Freedom Of
Working From ANYWHERE In The Country…

Leeds “At Property Mentor we can show you how to invest with no prior experience, using little of your own money and make a profit of over £500 per month.”

You can use the Property Mentor System literally ANYWHERE in the UK, so the flexibility it gives you is second to none.

Maybe you're happy dealing in properties close to home, or perhaps you wish to use this valuable knowledge to buy properties in an up and coming property hotspot.

You can be based from your current home, or you could up sticks and actually move house yourself. A peaceful rural location, the excitement of the buzzing metropolis of a big city, a few miles down the road or the other end of the country.

The great thing is, once you have these techniques you can live anywhere you want. You are not tied to an office or a 9 to 5 grind.

If you've been thinking about a move or wishing you had the freedom to spread your wings, Property Mentor can help you achieve the means to be able to turn your dreams into reality.

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Scottish property investment Who says property investment has to be limited to where you live? We don’t.

At Property Mentor we strongly believe that with a little initiative and determination, you can successfully invest in regions all over the UK.

Scotland, England or Wales… it doesn’t matter. Using our 8 PROVEN investment strategies you will have the freedom to begin researching and stacking your properties all from the comfort of your own home without ever having to waste money travelling.

Instead, your time will be focused on finding rental properties that can offer you a strong passive income each and every month, for life - a task we can help you to achieve.

Accumulating over 20 years of experience into one compact system, our 8 investment strategies are designed with the intention of enabling you to invest, free from all the kinks of trial and error.

We want you to succeed. More importantly we want you to feel supported in your journey to becoming a professional property landlord.

When we started, we had to learn the hard way, but for you we want it to be different. We want you to be able to invest in properties all across the UK confident that you have got the strategies to ensure a good return on investment no matter what the location.

property development scotland All we ask is that you give us just 2 hours of your time, and we will show you how to:

We have helped over 2,500 delegates to achieve their dreams of turning property investment into a lucrative positive income, and you can do the same.

Our taster sessions are for everyone and are easily accessible from anywhere in the UK. So open your property portfolio to the benefits of property investment in Scotland, and take your first step to financial freedom.

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