Forget stocks and shares... make your investment fortune with property today - for free!

investment opportunityYou heard us correctly... property is now the best place to invest. And here is why:

Every year the UK's population increases by an incredible 24 million people, and of this number, a massive 71% would rather rent than invest in a mortgage. That means there are currently 41.78 million people searching the market for a property to rent in this year alone.

Now imagine if our population continued to rise at this rate for the next 5 years... you get the picture.

There'll potentially be 17.04 million new tenants ready and waiting for you to provide them with the answer. And you can give it them.

At a rate of 71% rental demands could reach a staggering 85.2 million people in just 5 years - See the potential of your rental market today:

UK's Population (Million) Population willing to rent (Million)
2009 82.8 58.788
2010 106.8 75.828
2011 130.8 92.868
2012 154.8 109.908
2013 178.8 126.948


property developmentAt Property Mentor, we can show you how to invest in property with no prior experience, none of your own capital, and make a profit every single month. It's that easy. And the key to making this happen? Using other peoples money - namely the banks.

We believe the time to invest in property has never been more perfect. So forget about bonds, equities and commodities, and let property give you the stability you deserve.

We are the only company on the market who can offer you financial security, free profits, plus the stability to ensure you receive a long term future investment.

And the reason we are this confident? The last time the country crashed in 1989 we came out of it better than ever.

Whilst other property investors may have ran scared, we stuck to our guns and invested... invested... invested creating a multi-million pound property portfolio.

property investmentAnd this time is no different.

Everything is in your favour. Rising rental yields. Interest cuts. The housing market is ripe with opportunities that you can take advantage of today. All you need is the right system to make it work.

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20 years of experience in 1 simple easy-to-use system

real estateWe are offering you the chance to harness all our knowledge and jump to the top of your competition.

No longer do you have to feel trapped by the rat race, but can excel with our easy-to-use system... the exact same system we use to make our own investments.

We have worked in property for over 20 years. So we know what makes the market tick.

Accumulating all our experience into one simple system, you can manage your investments and start earning a passive income of over £300- £1,000 per property per month. It really is that simple.

Currently Property Mentors Lead Trainer, Matthew Lauchlan is working on 61 properties worth £17 million. And yes, he is doing all this during the current economic climate.

I love this economic climate because all the amateur investors get scared and sell us their properties at 40%+ below value!
Matthew Lauchlan - Lead Trainer / Property Millionaire

Property Mentor Matthew LauchlanYou can feel confident that our system will account for every eventuality, including the effects of a recession. We have thought of everything. From rises in the rental market, to cuts in interest rates; our system has got it all covered.

We know the housing market is always changing. A technique which might have worked ten years ago may not necessarily work now. This is why we adapt... to make your journey into property investment as easy as possible.

Interested in 25+% returns? Property is #1

Traditionally when people think of property investment, they think it consists of buying a property, doing it up, and then selling it. This may work during property booms, but is generally unstable.

property investment moneyOur system works differently. Once you have found and bought your chosen property. You rent it.

Buying property to sell may give you an initial profit, but this is only short term. Buy-to-let can offer you much more.

With just a little hard work to begin with, your properties can pay for themselves and provide you with an income for life.

Even more excitingly, by using our system you will never have to invest your own money. The bank and your tenants will pay for it all.

UK' s Top 5 investment opportunities: which one could be more profitable for you?

Investment Type Annual Returns Notes
Cash -5% to + 8% Most likely to give you the lowest return
Bonds -5% to + 8% More risky than cash but produces the same returns in the long run
Equities and Commodities -15% to + 25% Varies most of the year, from year to year. Chances of losing money in one individual year -1 in 4
Property - + 25% Similar long term benefits of equities, but less volatile. Even better as you're not planning to sell

Property can offer you and your family long term stability. A future. Bonds, commodities and equities cannot. All you need is a plan...

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5 Reasons why you can succeed in Property - it's simple

You can experience more than a monthly passive income through property. It is:

  • 1. A great tax vehicle - you can keep some of your income 100% tax free.
  • 2. A fantastic pension - you can triple your pension, retire early and pass on a future to your family, all through property!
  • 3. Go Worldwide - you can take advantage of the falling house prices in the US and Spain, and make a 40% saving. Getting you 2 properties for the price of 1.
  • 4. Super employee - let your properties earn you money as you sleep. Once they have been established you will be spending as little as 1 hour a week on each one.
  • 5. Become your own boss - you can build up your portfolio at your own pace. Though the faster you create it, the sooner you can reap the benefits of a shorter working week.
  • In just a few short months, you could be feeling the benefits.

Discover everything you need in just 2 hours

At Property Mentor you can now see new, unique strategies seen no where else - for free.

best property investmentWe understand property investment is not for everyone. This is why we have introduced our free 2 hour seminar so you can see the potential of property investment first hand. If you realise once you've attended you'd rather invest elsewhere, you are under no obligation to go any further.

In fact, you can learn everything you need to know about property investment in just these 2 short hours - you'll essentially be receiving a free education.

We are confident, that once you've heard our idea and seen how our system works, you'll agree with us... property is the right choice for achieving your dreams of financial freedom.

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Maximise your income in 4 easy steps - Anyone can do it

Like what you have heard so far? Well there's more. Property investment is for everyone.

make money propertyWhatever your age, gender or experience, you too could be standing where we are today financially free, with a property portfolio worth millions.

And you can do it in 4 easy steps. Our seminars are designed to enhance your strengths and give you instant success.

We will show you how to:

  • 1. Negotiate with estate agents - they will be begging you to invest in the properties you want at the right price.
  • 2. Stacking - we will provide you with the resources to research your properties and match them to your tenant's criteria, all in the comfort of your own home.
  • 3. Use our Property deal analyser and research software - finding the right property no longer has to feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. You will be able to research the suitability of your properties all at a click of a button. Saving you time, money and energy, so you can focus on the properties that will earn you the profits you want - a passive income of over £300 per month.

Compared to other forms of investment, with property you'll always be in control. The power to picking and choose your investments will be yours alone. But there is one more fundamental difference. Through our workshop, you can become part of a network of delegates who are committed to helping each other succeed.

proeprty courseOur workshops are run by past delegates, who have found success and have created profitable businesses. And the reason they have returned? To say thanks, and pass on their own skills and experiences to you.

We are a community, dedicated to passing on our knowledge from generation to generation. So far we have helped over 1,600 delegates make their investment dreams happen.

And you can join them.

With property, you can give your family the financial security they deserve - today.
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