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property courses londonIf you are looking for a property investment course in London, then you have come to the right place…

At Property Mentor we regularly hold FREE 2 hour property management courses across the entire breadth of the UK – London included – to give YOU ample opportunities to get your foot firmly on the property investment ladder and experience REAL strong positive cash flows.

Why Choose the Property Mentor Course

Unlike the vast majority of property courses in London, our property course London is based on 20+ years of property investment experience which has enabled us to create 8 PROVEN investment strategies which have withstood 1 property boom AND 2 recessions.

To date we have helped over 2,000 new and experienced property investors to create multi-million pound property portfolios, and with the support of our Financial Experts and property sourcing service, we are confident we can do the same for you too.

Simply give us just 2 hours of your time and during our FREE 2 hour Property Seminar London course, we will show you how it is possible to:

  • Earn £300-£1,000 positive cash flows per property, per month EVERY month
  • Make some of your income 100% tax free LEGALLY
  • Generate instant cash back of £9,000 the moment you invest
  • In the RIGHT properties, in the RIGHT locations at the RIGHT price in ALL economic climates

Essentially we will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to lay down the foundations for your financial independence, and create a successful property investment portfolio from day one!

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Sarah Whyte’s Story

property seminar londonLike many new property investors, Sarah Whyte was looking for a property investment system to help support her desire to get on the property ladder.

After discovering Inside Track in 2001, Sarah successfully managed to invest in 6 properties. However, after experiencing 8 months of minimal positive cash flows she decided to invest in one of their off-plan properties, a decision she still regrets.

Before the property build was even completed, its property values had depreciated by £35,000 which left her with the choice of having to either invest a further £80,000 to make it work or pull out. Yet when she tried to pull out, the builder sued her for the £35,000 difference, leaving her £70,000 out of profit.

Despite what happened to her though, Sarah still believed property investment was the way forward and began scouting around for quality property development courses.

In January 2009, Sarah discovered Property Mentor and after attending their FREE 2 hour Property Course London, she signed up for their full weekend workshop:

“In just 3 days they showed me how to research my properties effectively, negotiate 10%-30% discounts and find the best BTL deals - all skills that I was instantly able to use to invest in my next property and generate instant cash backs of £9,706.

To actually be able to earn back money instantly off my property, simply by applying the right negotiation skills is incredible. In my first month, my property has generated a positive cash flow of £800! That combined with my £9,706 in cash back and I am already in profit by £10,000!”

property management courses london And you can experience this very same success! Month on month positive cash flows that are supported by the best in BTLs, negotiating skills and discounts in the industry!

Come view more of our success stories here and witness how our 8 PROVEN investment strategies have helped thousands of other property investors to attain their dreams of long term profitability.

Alternatively, sign up for one of our FREE 2 hour Property Course London sessions TODAY, and open your doors to REAL financial independence. We guarantee they will be the most profitable 2 hours of your life…

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  • Lance Fisher

    "I feel there's always something to learn and it's a fantastic opportunity..."

  • Fraser Hampton

    "It's put a lot of ideas in my mind and it's certainly motivated me to do what I've learnt here today from tomorrow on..."

  • Darrell Bens

    "I found it really informative especially the networking which was really useful..."

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