Earn 630 From This Low Deposit Down Property

Property Details
  • End Townhouse
  • Four Bedrooms
  • Lounge
  • Kitchen/Dining Room
  • Family Bathroom Suite
  • Rear Garden
  • Off Street Parking
Imagine knowing how to avoid the costly delays of trying to find 20%-25% deposits and invest in property immediately.

Imagine that you knew how negotiate discounts that will generate you an immediate second income of 200 - 1000 per month, from any property you invest in. 

It would certainly make establishing a property portfolio easier and more accessible wouldn't it?

By attending one of our 2 hour taster sessions you can learn HOW we negotiate the discounts YOU want using our 8 unique property investment strategies to cover the ENTIRE cost of your investment - your deposit included!

With the support of our Property Mentor Finance Experts you can do just that PLUS ensure that you only receive the very best mortgage deals. Ones that will help you to achieve the strongest passive incomes on ALL your property investments every single month.

Take this 4 bedroom end terrace in Manchester. Offering average rental prices of around 1,000 a month, even after you deduct your monthly repayments of 361 (based on an interest only deal of 5.99%), you will still come away with an extra 630 a month that will immediately pay off your legal fees or can be injected into property number 2!

Imagine the possibilities... No 20%-30% deposits... Minimal legal fees. Invest right and your property can cover the entire cost of your investment!

And as you can see below, implement the right investment strategies on the right property types and you can offer your bank account the security of long term profitability.

Property List Price
Negotiate Discount
85% LTV Mortgage (5.99%)
The Property Mentor Finance Team will find you The Best Mortgage Deal
0% off
Final Property Price
Stamp Duty
£361 Mortgage Repayments
Cash Back On Purchase£0
Monthly Positive Cash Flow£630 p/m
So when you're ready to start finding profitable properties simply give us just 2 hours of your time and during our 2 hour taster sessions we will show you how to:

  • Find the best deals, using our Property Mentor Finance
  • Invest in the best property types every time
  • Invest using little of your own money
  • Earn 200 - 1000 per property, per month

Becoming profitable in the current economic climate is possible and at Property Mentor we can help. Come property boom or credit crisis, your investments will always remain strong.

So what are you waiting for?

Even as we are writing this, this 4 Bedroomed end terrace is waiting on Rightmove for some like YOU to invest and take advantage of its potential rental income.

REMEMBER: Property investment is no quick fix money making solution. It is a long term solution that if harnessed correctly can help you to support your retirement and provide a future for your children, your grandchildren and even your great grandchildren that is free from bills and financial constraints.

So why not let us at Property Mentor help you to create a secure future and attend one of 2 hour taster sessions today.

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