Earn £619p/m on this Low Deposit Down Property

Property Details
  • Area: Milton Keynes
  • Property Type: Townhouse
  • Valuation: £139,900
  • Entrance Hall
  • Lounge
  • Kitchen/Diner
  • 3 bedrooms
  • Bedroom one with shower area
  • garage conversion to bedroom with ensuite
  • Garden
  • DG As Stated & GCH System
Generate passive incomes of £200-£1,000 EVERY SINGLE month, by using the right investment strategies. Itís not difficult to learn because we show you every single step, from start to finish.

Take the property displayed above, which is a 3 bedroom townhouse, with garage conversion and garden. Even though it is valued at £139,900, you can use just 1 of our 8 unique investment strategies and negotiate discounts that will instantly produce savings.

With the support of our Property Mentor Finance Experts you will learn how to invest with low deposit down deals, low monthly repayments, stamp duty reductions... all the support you need to become a success on the property market.

With around 5.8 tenants vying for every property let, forget the recession . . . now is definitely a good time to get into buy to let property investment. It doesnít really matter what the financial state of the country is, people always need somewhere to live.

In fact rental properties have been even more in demand lately, due to the fact that itís been harder to get a mortgage. So come and see what all the fuss is about on one of our free 2 hour courses.

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Property List Price
Negotiate Discount
75% LTV Mortgage (4.99%)
The Property Mentor Finance Team will find you The Best Mortgage Deal
0% off
Final Property Price
Stamp Duty
£581 Mortgage Repayments
Cash Back On Purchase£0
Monthly Positive Cash Flow£1,200 p/m
Give us just 2 hours and weíll show you how to find Buy To Let properties which will earn you between £500 to £1000 per month profit.

We will show you how to:

  • Earn £200-£1,000 in positive cash flows EVERY SINGLE month
  • Negotiate average discounts of 18.3%
  • Make some of your income 100% TAX FREE
  • Find the best deals, using our Property Mentor Finance
  • Invest in the best property types every time
  • Invest in property using little of your own money

It really doesnít matter what the economy is doing, property will always be a great investment. Far better than any bank could ever offer you.

So what are you waiting for?

Right now this 3 bedroomed town house is for sale, so YOU could invest and take advantage of its potential rental income.

Offering average rentals of £850, even after you deduct its repayments of £581 a month (based on an interest only deal of 4.99% on a 75% LTV), you can still experience positive cash flows of £619 every single month.

Attend our FREE 2 hour taster session, and you too could be supplementing your income with this growing rental demand.

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