Earn £335p/m on this Low Deposit Down Property

Property Details
  • Area: Consett
  • Property Type: Terrace
  • Valuation: £75,000
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Bathroom
  • 3 Bedrooms

Property investment has got numerous advantages compared to investing in your average home.

Not only are buy to let mortgages not based on your salary (but on whether the property can generate 215% of its mortgage in rents), but venture into the buy to let market and you can get your tenant to pay the property’s mortgage for you.

No repayments, no bills… instead every month they can provide you with a supplementary income of at least £200!

Take the property listed below. Even though this 3 bedroom end terrace in Consett is valued at £75,000, with the help of our Property Mentor Finance experts, you can use 1 of 8 proven investment strategies to negotiate a £19,000 discount and invest for just £56,000.

Not only that, the cost of finishing the refurbishment of this property is included in the price, meaning you can begin letting the property straight away.

Property List Price
Negotiate Discount
75% LTV Mortgage (3.99%)
The Property Mentor Finance Team will find you The Best Mortgage Deal
25% off
Final Property Price
Stamp Duty
£140 Mortgage Repayments
Cash Back On Purchase£0
Monthly Positive Cash Flow£335 p/m

Offering £335 in positive cash flows after its £140 mortgage repayments have been deducted (based on an interest only deal of 3.99% on a 75% LTV); you can immediately begin enjoying this property’s cash flows as there is no stamp duty to pay.

So if you are interested in offering your family a continued supplementary income for life, why not attend one of our FREE 2 hour taster sessions? In just 2 hours our mentors can show you how it is possible to:

  • Invest using little of your own money
  • Negotiate average discounts of 18.3%
  • Earn £200-£1000 in positive cash flows EVERY month
  • Invest with little or no experience in property

The opportunity to become a landlord has never been easier…

With 5.8 tenants competing for every buy to let, with the right property investment you can ensure that your properties never stay empty and that your cash flows remain strong.

So what are you waiting for?

This 3 bedroom end terrace is just one of numerous properties which can offer your family a steady income, come recession or property boom.

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