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Perfect for the commuter! With easy access to the UK’s capital, investing in just a 1 bed property in Essex, you could earn over £11,000 a year.

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Situated towards the east of England, Essex can easily be described as containing the perfect balance of city living and country retreats.

property management essexOffering a GVA of £18,588 per person, it may be lower than London, but Essex’s locality makes up for this fact in leaps and bounds. 

How? We’ll show you.

Separated by only a thin strip of greenbelt land, Essex’s location alone means that tenants can have the best of both worlds.

Easy accessibility to the UK’s capital – a city filled with an array of professional careers - plus guaranteed untouchable landscapes that tenants can happily wish away their weekends on.

But this is not all that property investment in Essex has got to offer. You too as an investor can reap the rewards of a region filled with impressive property rental prices.

Take a look at these figures for example and you’ll soon know what we mean.

Property type Monthly Rental Income
1 bed £923
2 bed £1,600
3 bed £1,388
4 bed £1,816

Each and every one of these property types can offer easy £300+ positive cash flows that are even stronger than London rental prices. We know incredible.

But let us put this into better perspective for you...

By investing in just 1 bed property in Essex, you could earn over £11,000 a year. Now before you say anything about this being too low an income, there is something else you need to know.

This £11,000 is based on just 1 hours work a week. Yes 1 hour. Not 20 or 30 hours, but 1 simple hour. Pretty incredible for £215 an hour.

property investment essexNow imagine what you could earn on 4 of these properties… that is £44,000 a year. Over £20,000 than the average UK salary.

But this – believe it or not – is not the best part.

You see, that example above is based on just a 1 bed property - the lowest rental income of all 4 of these properties.

Factor into the equation that the rest are at least £400 more a month and you could be earning a passive income even more impressive that you anticipated.

So open yourself up to a region that has got it all: the location, the demand, the accessibility, the properties and the cash flow, and offer your property portfolio MORE...

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The great thing is, once you have these techniques you can live anywhere you want. You are not tied to an office or a 9 to 5 grind.

If you've been thinking about a move or wishing you had the freedom to spread your wings, Property Mentor can help you achieve the means to be able to turn your dreams into reality.

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Essex… more than a pretty picture

Impressed with what you have read so far? Interested in finding out more?

Well here is a little secret that we are confident you’ll be interested in hearing. Shall we tell you? Okay.

All those rental prices we have just discussed… they are based on Essex as a whole. As one distinct region.

essex houses for saleBut the truth of the matter is, is that Essex itself is actually split into 14 separate districts.

Districts that can each hold their own in terms of property demand and promising passive incomes. It is just a matter of knowing where to look and taking advantage of these opportunities.

Let us explain.

Property investment in Basildon, Chelmsford, Colchester, Rochford or any one of Essex’s many other districts can offer you rental prices that will look even more appealing to you as an investor than Essex as a whole.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at these figures, and you’ll see what we mean:

  • Basildon: this district may be one of the lesser well known districts within Essex, but property investment in Basildon could provide the perfect combination of location and affordable living.

    With property prices starting at £218,025, tenants could be paying as little as £700 a month to rent a property here.
  • Chelmsford: tipping the other end of the scale, property investment in Chelmsford can generate rental prices of at least £1,140 on their 2 bed properties, whilst matching these prices with a diverse economy: electronics, pharmaceutical and financial.
  • Colchester: easily one of Essex’s more recognisable districts, here you and tenant alike can find a balance. A diverse range of property types; easy accessibility to the UK’s capital, plus affordable rental prices of £856 alone on their 3 bed properties.
  • Rochford: from studio apartments to 3 beds semi-detaches, property investment in Rochford will never be dull. Here you can generate rental incomes of £800+ a month on a 3 bed property.

See what we mean? Essex can cover every investment angle: affordable rental prices as well as offering you a positive cash flow twice the size needed to succeed in property investment.


Yet we haven’t told you the best part....

Essex is not alone in offering this distinction. In truth there are many regions across the UK that can offer you great property investments equalling everything we have just written here and more.

property management essexNorth, South, East or West, there are – even as we write – a multitude of property gems just waiting to be discovered, that can put even the most popular of locations to shame in terms of their rental prices.

And you can access every one of them simply by using our unique Property Mentor system.

So open yourself up to the possibilities that more than one region has got to offer, and experience the satisfaction of knowing you have got access to a system that will effectively enable you to invest in them all.

A system that will guide you to financial freedom.

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So what are you waiting for? By utilising our specialised step-by-step system you too – like so many of our other delegates - could soon be investing in properties from anywhere in the UK.

And yes it is possible.

property courses essexYou see compared to other property investors and courses that rely on only 1 successful strategy.

At Property Mentor we have gathered together all our 20 years of experience in this field and have designed a neat compact system built on 8 PROVEN investment strategies.

8 tools that will enable you to successfully invest in all financial climates – property boom or credit crisis, we have thought of it all.

You won’t have to worry about a thing, not even your own location.

Using our unique research software you will be able to research the rentability of your properties without ever having to view them. Cash flow, tenant demand, rental yields… you can effectively research them all, all from the comfort of your own home.

But the best part is… your timing couldn’t be more perfect. If you have been following the property market as vividly as we have, you’ll have noticed that the market is becoming filled with some incredible deals, deals that are simply too good to pass:

  • Rental Demand: up 50%
  • Rental Yields: up 20% and expected to rise a further 6.3%
  • Interest Rates: cut to just 0.5%

Add all these together and you have got the beginnings of the perfect property investment formula. And you don’t have to wait to get a piece of this action either!

At Property Mentor we can help you to gain the insight and the training to begin laying down the foundations for your financial future, so that while property prices continue to grow, you will also be benefiting from capital growth.

And all it takes is just 2 hours of your time to get started on your path to success.

During our FREE 2 hour Property Mentor seminar we can show you how it is possible to invest in properties with no prior experience, using little, if any of your own money, and become 100% financially free in just over a year.

Plus we will show you how to:

  • Earn a £300-£1,000 per property, per month
  • Avoid the mistakes made by other investors and estate agents
  • Make some of your income 100% tax free
  • Become your own boss

Taking charge of your financial future is possible and at Property Mentor we can help you every step of the way.

So no matter your property investment experience, whether you are seeking to expand your current property portfolio or are just starting out, at Property Mentor we can help you to make this dream possible and turn property into a lifelong, accumulating asset.

It is within your reach.

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