“Discover How You Can Actually Own Multiple Properties…That Other People Pay For.”

Shocked? It’s true and we have the proven, foolproof, step by step system for your success.

Positive Cash Flow - Guaranteed

We guarantee to find you property that will earn positive cash flow every month

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That's AFTER mortgage payments have been deducted!

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Let’s get straight to it…

If you’re the type of person who likes the idea of buying a property, doing it up, then selling it on, I’m about to show you a MUCH better way to profit from property investing.


Ok…you buy a property using a mortgage. You rent that property out. The rent you collect pays for your mortgage AND gives you a monthly profit. (More properties = more monthly profit)

And here’s the best bit…even though you are having your mortgage paid by someone else…YOU own the property.

Seriously…can it get any better?

Well yes it can actually.

What if you could start with very little of your own money? How about if you could buy properties with equity already built in? And how does £300-£1,000 profit per month, per property sound?

Well, all of this and more is simple when you have the Property Mentor proven, foolproof, step by step system at your fingertips. However, if you don’t and you try and wing it, you are setting yourself up for trouble.

So let’s have a look at the process we’ve just outlined and see why Property Mentor is so powerful.

  • You buy a property using a mortgage. Great. But which property? Where? For how much? Which mortgage? From where? At what terms?

  • You rent that property out. Easy right? But who to? For how much? How do you manage the tenant? What do you need to provide to your tenant? What about the law regarding this?
  • The rent you collect pays for your mortgage AND gives you a monthly profit. The most important part of the system. But how do you guarantee you make a profit? Which properties do you need to buy to ensure a profit? What about tax etc?

  • The mortgage is being paid by your tenant…but YOU own the property. It’s true. Your tenant has effectively bought you a house!

Property Mentor will show you step by step
how to earn £300-£1,000 per month, per property

It answers, in detail, all the questions above. And that’s because Property Mentor is a proven SYSTEM.

You don’t have to guess anything, resort to trial and error or worry about your profits. We’ve ironed all that out. Just stick to the property Mentor system and watch the profits roll in.

We’re running a free 2 hour course to introduce you to the Property Mentor way of property investing.

When you attend our free 2 hour course you will learn:

  • How you can buy a profitable property with very little of your own cash and earn £300-£1,000 per month, per property.
  • Invest in properties at 40% below their asking price to ensure instant equity.
  • Why the best type of properties to buy are NOT the ones you think and how you can get Estate Agents begging you to buy properties that you want.
  • How to ensure a positive cash flow. This will give you an initial monthly income of between £300-£1000 per month, per property, above any costs.
  • Why property is now the best place to invest. The 'credit crunch' is the time to take advantage of the investors who are running scared because they do NOT know any better.
  • How to structure your properties to ensure LONG TERM success while building up a multi-million portfolio within four years. Enjoy gigantic month by month positive cash flows as you continue to expand.
  • How you can achieve a 'tax free income' in a 100% legal and easy to follow way.
  • Our success and our property investment portfolios! Listen to exactly how we are making our fortune and how you can do the same.

In just 2 hours you really can discover everything you need to know about the lucrative world of Buy to Let property investment…the Property Mentor way.

And you can put this knowledge to work for you for the rest of your life.

Savings vs Property Investment…
No Contest!

Property Investment Is FAR More Lucrative Than Saving Your Money In A Bank

Imagine for a moment you have got £100,000 that you can freely invest wherever you want. Would you opt for saving it in a bank or investing in property?

In virtually any financial climate, property investment is the clear winner.

Scenario One:

You have got £100,000 in a savings account whose interest rate is 1.5%. In a year that would generate £1,500.

Scenario Two:

Using the original £100,000 you decide to invest in a 3 bedroom rental property that has got an interest rate of 1.5% which is to be paid over 25 years.

In a month you would face mortgage repayments of £400.

Now considering that the average rental price of a property this size is £680 a month, after paying your mortgage of £400 per month, it would leave you with £280 a month in profit.

Furthermore, if you have successfully utilised the systems and strategies that Property Mentor teach then this property would have equity already built in, and in all but the worst economic climates it would also be increasing in value, accruing additional equity.

It really is win, win, win!

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PLEASE NOTE: You do not need previous property investment experience

At Property Mentor we are firm believers that everyone deserves the chance to turn property investment into a financial asset that will pay well right now AND keep on working for you for many years to come.

“Property Mentor uses a foolproof, proven system developed over many years of successful investing. You just need to stick to this system to be successful, so you don’t need any previous property investment experience. We’ll show you everything you need to know.”

Combining our 25 years of experience in property investment into 8 PROVEN investment strategies; you too will be able to use the exact same system we use every day, in order to build a successful property portfolio that will thrive in all financial climates.

So who are Property Mentor and what makes us so sure we can show you how to make a living from property?

As you can see, there’s a wealth of valuable experience and knowledge you can tap into…

This is your chance to follow in their footsteps, learn exactly what they do and more importantly, what NOT to do.

So if you’d like to discover how you can buy a profitable property with very little of your own cash, AND earn £300 - £1000 per month, per property. Enter your postcode into the form below to find your next local free course.

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