Have You Got What It Takes
To Become a Property Investor

You don’t have to be a property guru, an estate agent or a marketing genius to become successful in property investment.

property investorAnyone – and we mean ANYONE – your grandmother, your neighbour, your local supermarket cashier… ALL can discover how to invest in property and transform it into a long term profitable asset.

However, if we had to define ‘what is a property investor?’ at Property Mentor we would have to say that is someone who has got the drive, the ambition and the motivation to invest in property and turn it into a credible career.

Property investment is no get rich quick scheme. Far from it. It is for the long run.

Yet by simply investing in the right properties TODAY, you too can set yourself up for a financially secure retirement where your family can experience freedom from future money worries and mortgage fears.

So how do you become a property investor?

The real question you need to ask yourself is: have you got the motivation to take up the challenge?

Important things to remember as an investor

There is much more to becoming a property investor than buying a property, getting a mortgage and filling it with a tenant. If only it was that simple…

The reality is, if you are serious about entering into property investment you need to be aware of the benefits of such a scheme - compared to other saving avenues – as well as the rules, the forms and the regulations you will have to follow to become recognised as a professional landlord.


As a property investor, it is essential that you have got the means to protect your properties and your tenants, and this is where having access to a pool of resources is essential:

  • Section 8 formusing this form you can end a tenancy agreement during the course of your tenants contract
  • Rent arrears formyour route to reminding your tenants that their rent is overdue
  • Section 21 formrelates to the ruling whereby all landlords have the legal right to take back their properties at the end of an agreement (more important than you think!)
  • Tenant Guarantor formusing this form you can ensure that you are protected against rental loss and damages by asking your tenant to provide a guarantor
  • And much, much more…

Financial Support

You’ll have seen many websites during your search - such as Sarah Beeny’s Tepilo.com - which promote the concept of cutting out the middle man and finding properties on your own.

investors in propertyBut what they forget to tell you is that you’ll still need the support of IFA’s, solicitors and brokers in order to complete the process.

At Property Mentor we understand the importance of having a strong finance team behind you to support you as you search out the best mortgage deals and cope with legal costs.

And if we are honest it has taken us years to find the right team to fulfil our needs.

For you we want it to be different...

Using our Property Mentor Finance Team we can help you to receive the best deals AS WELL AS gain access to 20 in-house lenders who know our investment strategies, recognise that they work and are prepared to accept your property proposals.

And if that wasn’t enough, you will be able to find all these finance tools under one roof – Buy-to-Let Finance, Commercial Finance and Insurance… everything you need to make your properties work.

Positive Cash Flow

As we mentioned earlier, property investment is for the long term. It is no quick fix, but one that can reward you with month on month with astounding profits if you get it right.

But what about cash flow? It may look easy enough to simply invest in bargain properties and hope for the best, but just because they have dropped in value and are bound to rise in price again in the future, doesn’t mean they will always be profitable.

property investorInvest in the wrong property and it won’t matter how cheap it was to buy - if it doesn’t generate a strong positive cash flow all year round then YOU could end up paying out.

This is why having access to quality, proven investment strategies can be the difference between earning £300+ a month to having to top up your monthly repayments using your own money.

However, you can overcome this...

Harnessing our 20+ years of experience in the property investment field, we have been able to establish 8 unique investment strategies that - once you attend one of our 2 hour taster sessions - can help you to escape this dilemma and invest confident that all your properties will remain profitable in all financial climates.

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Famous Property Investors

We have all got our favourites, but if you are serious about becoming a property investor then we recommend you take a look at the following.

Each has managed to establish multi-million pound property portfolios by being adaptable in their investment strategies and choosing their investments wisely:

James Caan

Known more for his affiliations with popular investment show Dragon’s Den, James Caan is a famous entrepreneur who has recently invested in a number of different property ventures that are designed to inject cash back into the property market.

In his latest project he has launched a multi-million pound scheme that through the utilisation of unsecured interest free loans will help homeowners back onto the property ladder.

Andreas Panayiotou

Recently featured on BBC Two’s Property Watch, Andreas Panayiotou is proof that it is possible to establish a credible property portfolio using little, if any, of your own money.

Straight out of school – and with no property experience – Andreas managed to create a property portfolio worth over £700m and is now the 158th richest person in the UK.

Sarah Beeny

The face behind a number of property shows including Property Ladder and Property Snakes and Ladders, Sarah Beeny has spent the last 8 years helping amateur property developers to make the most of their investments and still make a profit in all economic climates.

In her most recent venture Tepilo.com, Sarah has launched this website with the intention of helping homeowners to cut out the middle man and save on the costs of investing in a property.

Matthew Lauchlan

property investor courseSimilar to Andreas Panayiotou, Matthew Lauchlan entered into property investment 26 years ago.

Experiencing both the highs and the lows of the property market, Matthew attended the Property Mentor course in 2006 and since then has used the Property Mentor System to invest in 61 properties nationwide which bring in a positive cash flow of over £17,000 every single month.

As you can see from above, anyone from all walks of life can become successful in property if they have got access to the right training and investment strategies.

Even if you have never invested in property before, you too can attain positive cash flows of £300-£1,000 per property, per month, simply by making the decision to equip yourself with the right resources today.

It is truly that simple.

So what are you waiting for? If Andreas Panayiotou can do it – why can’t you?

How can I become a Property Investor?

It is simpler than you can imagine and less risky than press stories would have you believe.

The problem you have got to be aware of is we are currently living in an era where the property market is filled with a generation of inexperienced/reluctant landlords who have got no training or investment strategies to properly harness the property market.

property investor ukAnd as a result property investment has become shrouded in negativity as these investors have struggled to make money.

Yet this couldn’t be further from the truth...

Equip yourself with the right investment strategies and you too can generate positive cash flows of £300-£1,000 a month with no prior investment experience at all.

And this is where we at Property Mentor can help.

Accredited as a nationally recognised educational provider, we can supply you with the skills, the mentoring and the training to successfully invest in property in all financial climates and establish a strong, profitable property portfolio.

And even if you are already an experienced property investor, using our 8 unique investment strategies we can help you to make your property portfolio everything you want it to be and much, much more.

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