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The Garden of England" is picturesque and a real slice of traditional England. With lots to offer your tenants and just a stones throw from London, it makes for a commuter’s paradise.

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property development courseRecognised across the UK as being the ‘Garden of England’, Kent has definitely got a lot to offer to future potential tenants.

Diverse and economically versatile, Kent can cater for an aptitude of career choices, plus can offer commuters the perfect balance of breath taking landscapes and the buzz of the UK’s capital, London.

It is all within their reach.

Bordering East Sussex, Surrey and Greater London, this 52 mile trek can not only offer tenants easy pickings for a career of their choice, but can give them rental prices that are up to £200 cheaper a month than London.

Take Kent’s rental prices...

Compare them to London, and you’ll soon understand tenant’s preferences.

Property type Monthly Rental Income
1 bed £560
2 bed £807
3 bed £714
4 bed £1,404

Now if you consider that 1 bed properties in London are currently renting at £743 a month that is a potential saving for tenants of over £183. A saving, that despite the position of these comparative locations, will be a dream come true.

But there is more...

property development kentRents may be lower in Kent than London, but each and every one of them can still provide you with a strong positive cash flow. And we’ll prove it.

Take for example one of their 3 bed properties, in a year you could earn over £8,568.

Now we know this may not look a lot, but remember this a £8,000+ income based on just 1 hours work a week. That is £164.77 an hour.

And this is just from one property alone. Introduce 3 more properties, and you could be earning an easy £34,272 a year.

So offer your property portfolio more.

More than one town or city, but locations that can offer your investments the diversity and the cash flow they need to move with the changing times and feel success.

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>Kent... a region of possibilities

Now what if we were to tell you that the above figures are just a sample of what Kent has got to offer? That these statistics stand for the region as a whole – what would you say? Would you be interested in finding out what else can be achieved within its 13 surrounding districts?

property management kentWell you can.

And we think once you’ve seen what property investment in Canterbury, Maidstone, Rochester and Folkestone have got to offer you’ll agree, that here too you can find great investment opportunities.

Let us break it down for you. You’ll soon understand what we mean:

  • Canterbury: From 1 bed flats and apartments to 4 bedroom semi-detaches, Property investment in Canterbury can offer you an average rental income of £890 a month (based on their 3 bedroom properties).
  • Rochester: Valued on average at £178,832 per property, their low property prices mean as an investor you can take advantage of the governments stamp duty offer, and experience more savings.

    Yet despite its reduction in value, property investment in Rochester can offer you a rental income of £720 when you invest in a 3 bed property.
  • Folkestone: Available as one of our course locations, property investment in Folkestone can offer you property rentals of at least £661 per property, plus a diversity of different property types.

    Scaling from 1 bed flats to 4 bedroom properties, whatever size property a tenant is searching for, Folkestone can provide it.
  • Maidstone: One of the closest positioned districts to London, property investment in Maidstone can offer tenants the most appealing of rents.

    Starting on average at £600 a month, tenants can access a wide range of property types, whilst experiencing easier access to London.

All 4 of these districts can offer you results, and a passive income of £200+ per property. What more can you ask for?

Already each of these locations surpasses the required £300 base mark you need to succeed in property investment, and yet – there is a pause to this - Kent is not the best of it.

buy property kentYou see, Kent is just one of many regions that can offer you incredible results, and cash flows you would never have thought possible.

And they are not all in the south either. Across the UK, there is a diversity of properties just waiting to be utilised and discovered.

So make that leap, and let our unique Property Mentor system, offer you the tools to begin researching and stacking your property portfolio in preparation for all the property gems you are soon about to discover.

They are closer than you think.

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Property investment - what can it offer you?

So really what have you got to lose? In just 2 short hours you can discover how to turn all these locations Kent, Manchester and Cardiff, into real and credible assets.

Assets that you can pass onto your family for many future generations to come.

And we have to admit, these 2 hours could potentially be the most profitable 2 hours of your life. You see, the incredible thing about property investment is that it is long term.

It is perfectly designed to offer you and your family stability; a future that is free from financial strains and worries.

Plus it can be done from anywhere – and we mean ANYWHERE - in the UK.

property investment opportunityFrom the Northern reaches of England to the southern regions of Kent itself, if you can find a property that can offer you a strong passive income, you can begin structuring and stacking your properties all from the comfort of your own home.

How? By using our unique Property Mentor system.

You see, our system is different to other investors.

Whereas they may have access to 1 or 2 successful strategies, at Property Mentor we have got access to 8.

8 PROVEN investment strategies that will enable you - no matter the financial climate – to keep on investing and building your property portfolio towards success.

But here is the best part… your timing couldn’t be more perfect. Even as we are writing this, the property marketing is evolving. And with it, it is bringing some incredible deals just too good to ignore:

  • Rental yields: up 20%
  • Interest cuts (Bank of England): 0.5%

property investment courseAnd at Property Mentor we can show you how to begin harnessing all these deals. All, by attending our FREE 2 hour seminar.

During these 2 short hours we can show you how with no prior experience and using little, if any, of your own money, it is possible to become 100% financially free in just 1 year.

Plus we can also show you:

  • How to earn a £200-£1,000 per property, EVERY SINGLE month
  • How to make a positive cash flow no matter the size of your equity
  • How to make some of your income 100% tax free

We have got a course for everyone!

So no matter what your investment interests are, or where you live, at Property Mentor we can lend you that helping hand to help you begin investing in any town, city or region of your choice. The choice is yours!

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