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A varied property investment opportunity and with Great Yarmouth averaging rental prices of £615 and Norwich £705 on their 3 bed properties, lots of easy profit.

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property management norfolkSituated on the east side of England, Norfolk is renowned for offering visitors the perfect country retreat. Yet beneath this quiet exterior Norfolk is bustling with opportunities that could be equally tempting to both you and your tenants.

Namely, space, space and more space.

In truth, Norfolk can form the perfect get away for anyone wishing to escape the hum of big city crowds and dazzling lights.

And with such potential literally sitting on its doorstep, it is easy to see why Norfolk’s main economic industry is tourism.

Its space and location alone makes it perfectly located between the midlands and London itself. Making it accessible to all

But there is more...

Norfolk itself may be spacious, but the demand is still there. Take Norfolk’s rental yields for example and you’ll soon see what we mean:

Property type Monthly Rental Income
1 bed £480
2 bed £569
3 bed £699
4 bed £938

For each of these rental properties there is easily a £100 difference between them. We know, incredible. Yet the reason for this difference is simple to explain: demand and increasing tourism.

So if you take the time to add all of these together, you’ll find property investment in Norfolk is both promising and profitable.

Don’t believe us? We’ll prove it.

property investment norfolkTake their 4 bed properties for example.

Already you are making over £200 more a month than you would with a 3 bed property in this city. But it gets better…

Property investment in a 4 bed property could earn you £11,256 a year. And that is from one property alone, for just 1 hours work a week.

Add 3 more properties to the mix, and you could easily be earning £45,024 a year – more than double the UK’s average salary.

See what we mean?

Each and every one of these property types can provide the cash flow and the demand to make them into lucrative assets. It is just a question of discovering how.

So offer your property portfolio the diversity of a location that can keep on working to benefit you, and explore everything the UK property market has got to offer.

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Norfolk... more than a pretty picture

Now here is the secret… all of the above rental prices – yes each and every one of them - is based on property investment in Norfolk as a whole. Yes, not on just one city, but from the accumulation of 7 districts.

7 districts which can equally stand their own in offering a monthly cash flow of £200+ per property.

From property investment in Great Yarmouth and Norwich, to property investment in Breckland and Broadland, within these 4 walls is a selection of property investment opportunities that can offer you the security you deserve.

Let us explain.

  • Great Yarmouth: recognised as a traditional family holiday resort, property investment in Great Yarmouth can offer average rental prices of £615 on their 3 bed properties, starting at £199,000 to invest.
  • Norwich: enriched in surrounding countryside, property investment in Norwich can offer a range of property types – flat, terrace or detached – with average rental prices of £705 on their 3 bed properties.
  • Breckland: maybe less well known than the rest of the districts within Norfolk, but property investment in Breckland can offer you rental price topping £931 a month starting at £195,000.
  • Broadland: from 1 bedroom apartments to 4 bedroom semi-detaches, property investment in Broadland can offer you average rental prices of £1,010 on their 4 bedroom properties.

Now these may only be 4 of Norfolk’s districts, but the fact is still the same - all of them can offer you £200+ positive cash flows. In fact in Broadland alone you can earn nearly £100 more than property investment in Norfolk as a whole.

But Norfolk – believe it or not – is just the tip of the iceberg. There are other cities, towns and regions across the whole of the UK which can offer you great investment opportunities.

Investment opportunities that could prove not only profitable for the next few years, but for your whole family for many generations to come.

property investment courseWhat more can you ask for?

Even as we are writing this, the UK is literally spilling over with hidden property gems like Norfolk that can offer you the demand and the cash flow to keep your investments growing and your cash flow multiplying.

So let property investment become the portal to your own investment success.

With property bargains blossoming daily across the whole of the UK, at Property Mentor we can offer you the tools and training to begin researching and stacking these properties and start investing.

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investment property in norfolkAnd the best part is, when and where you invest will be completely up to you. It’s true.

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