Sarah Beeny is back on our screens to show us
How We Can Still Make A Profit From Property

Sarah BeenySarah Beeny has spent the last 8 years advising amateur property developers how to make the most of their property investments on her hit TV show Property Ladder. Not all of these budding developers took Sarah’s advice, but because of the rising property market they appeared to have got away with making bad decisions.

In her new show, Property Snakes and Ladders Sarah now revisits some of the investors that she met on Property Ladder to see how they are getting on now that the property market has taken a turn for the worse.

Sarah also offers advice to prospective developers who are brave enough to invest amidst the current slump in the property market, showing them that it is still possible to make money from property during the downturn.

Episode One: The Bank of Mum and Dad

In Episode 1 of Property Snakes and Ladders, shown on Channel 4 on June 9th 2009, Sarah catches up with Rick Dickinson and Natasha Burr, who both funded their forays into the property market back in 2007 with loans from their generous parents.

Rick used his investment to renovate an enormous four-bedroom Victorian terrace in Battersea, while Natasha persuaded her mother Debbie to finance an ambitious plan to convert a run-down bungalow into a luxurious family home.

Sarah soon realises that both property apprentices have big problems with their plans. And as the housing market slump kicks in it quickly becomes a race to try and make profit from what could potentially be huge losses.

Our Take

As Sarah Beeny clearly proves, with the correct advice from experts experienced in property investment you can still make a profit, even during a dip in the market.

Channel 4The advice that Sarah offers gives on her TV programs is generally excellent, and Property Snakes and Ladders is no exception, however this advice does not always apply directly to YOU.

At Property Mentor we help thousands of novice property investors make the right decisions every year.

Not only can we show you how to make the choices which will ensure you make a profit when you come to selling your properties, you will also learn how to make £300 - £1,000 profit each and every month from just a single property.

Whilst this TV show is testament to the fact that making a profit from property is achievable, and that the advice of an established investor is invaluable, it is certainly not the only means of accessing such expert advice.

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Episode Two: June 16th 2009

Sarah meets Natasha, Loretta and Loretta's husband David who have poured all their money into splitting a 3 storey end of terrace in Brentford into 2 flats. Meanwhile in Newport, Sean and Nicola Horlor hope to squeeze even more flats out of their end terrace despite Sarah's reservations that they should turn their property into a 3-bed maisonette and a flat.

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Episode Three: June 23rd 2009

In a bid to add value to their properties, tonight's amateur developers decide that the best way to achieve this is through digging out their basements. An incredibly risky way to add space, it is also a big gamble as they are starting out at the beginning of the credit crunch.

Two years later these couples are racing against time to beat the falling market, but Sarah feels they are missing out on a real opportunity to rescue their developments.

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Episode Four: June 30th 2009

Nigel and Killy Gough feel a run down Victorian home could be the key to mortgage-free living, whilst Alan and Susan Hutchinson invest all their life savings into a burnt-out game keeper's lodge.

Sarah quickly discovers though that neither of these couples are developing their properties for the broadest possible market and offers her advice.

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Episode Five: July 7th 2009

Two would-be developers try to take on 2 unusual properties to try beat the recession, whilst Neil Hornsey and Alison Gurr feel a lock-up down a dodgy alley could be the answer they are looking for. Meanwhile in Thetford, Sue Ward tries to renovate a former jailhouse.

Sarah worries they are all making a mistake in the layout of their renovations, but will they listen...

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Episode Six: July 14th 2009

Despite doing well in the buy-to-let market during the property boom, tonight's property developers risk it all by trying to convert an abandoned railway station in Devon into a holiday rental business.

Sarah soon realises they've got their plans and their potential market all wrong, but can she save them before it is too late...

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Episode Seven: July 21st 2009

Paul and Karen Clayton from Bristol try to convert a Grade II listed property. Already 9 months behind schedule and battling with the conservation office, Sarah worries about how much money they are losing.

Meanwhile Robey and Jo Hillard's plans to develop a Grade II Oast House turns into a complete disaster. Sarah has to turn their heads hard to help save them from financial ruin and make their development a success.

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Episode Eight: July 28th 2009

Confident they can make a quarter of a million pounds (at the beginning of the recession) by creating a LA pad, Nigel Arrib and Sarah Donahue try to invest in the rundown area of Rotherhithe, East London.

Sarah soon discovers that not only have they got the wrong property, but that they have also got the wrong location and plan too. However despite Sarah's advice on how to reduce their liability and turn their property into 3 smaller units, they still plough on.

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