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property courseIf you have been watching BBC2’s new ‘Property Watch’ series as avidly as we have, then we’re sure you’ll agree that it is a refreshing change to see a program that addresses real property issues that we all face daily, in an interesting and informative manner.

For months we have been reporting on the impact that interest rate cuts, falling mortgage options and plummeting house prices have on the property market, and it is great to see that this subject is finally being discussed in a responsible way on TV.

It is all too easy for the mass media to focus on the ‘doom and gloom’ of the current financial climate, but Property Watch is focusing on the real state of the property market and demonstrating that there are opportunities out there for the savvy buyer/investor, in a similar way to our own Property Mentor experts do.

Episode One: Are we at the Bottom yet?

Show summary: Presented by Kate Silverton and Justin Rowlatt, in this episode they test the property market’s first signs of recovery by asking the question: how much lower will house prices go? And more importantly, is now the time to buy?

Determined to separate property fact from property fiction, they are joined by property experts Andreas Pananiotou, an experienced property developer and Professor Andrew Oswald.

Our Take

As ‘Property Watch’ clearly proves, having the backing of property experts who are experienced in the minefield of property investment can offer you the assistance you need to decipher what is fact and what is fiction.

uk property investmentTake their core expert Andreas Panayiotou. He is proof that establishing a credible property portfolio using little, if any, of your own money is possible.

Leaving school at 15 with no qualifications to his name, Andreas built his fortune by developing blocks of flats in up-and-coming areas. Yet his most memorable act has to be the prediction he made in 2006 where he stated that the property market was going to collapse.

Not only was he correct, but he made profits of £700m by selling off his properties at the peak of the property market, and is now the 158th richest person in the UK.

Whilst this TV show is testament to the fact that making a profit from property is achievable, and that the advice of an established investor is invaluable, it is certainly not the only means of accessing such expert advice.

At Property Mentor we can offer you the knowledge and experience of numerous property investment experts who have been investing on the property market for the last 20+ years, simply by attending our free 2 hour property course. On this course you will learn about the tools and techniques you will need to follow in Andreas’s footsteps and increase your savings through property investment.

And as Andreas himself stated: With liquidity returning to the business world, recovery for the property market is definitely on the cards.

So offer yourself the opportunity to make the best possible investment decisions. Enter your postcode into our exclusive postcode checker below and secure your spot at our next property course.

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Episode Two: Can You Beat The Market?

Show summary: During this episode Kate Silverton and Justin Rowlett examine current mortgage deals and interest rates and meet with buyers who believe they are getting property bargains, and the sellers who are struggling to sell their homes. Kate, Justin and property entrepreneur Craig Phillips also discuss the pros and cons of property renovation.

Our Take

Taking into consideration the recent unprecedented interest rate cuts, coupled with a huge reduction in the volume and quality of mortgage deals available it has never been more important to ensure that you are getting the right financial advice before buying a property.

As part of the Property Mentor package you will gain unlimited access to the wealth of knowledge and experience that the Property Mentor Finance Team have to offer. Their experience of property investment deals is unrivalled and they will ensure that you have the most up-to-date financial advice on a daily basis.

Our team of brokers, negotiators and IFA’s currently provide advice to some of the UK’s biggest investors, and you can join them whilst gaining access to:

  • 20 in-house lenders who know our system and accept our strategies
  • All your finance tools under one roof – Buy-to-let Finance, Commercial Finance, Insurance...
  • A dedicated resource – brokers 100% focused on you and no other external business

So the answer to their question is: yes! Yes, you can beat the market! Yes, you can get the best deals! And yes, property bargains do exist!

Secure your place at our next upcoming property course NOW. Enter your postcode below...

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Episode Three: Are We Falling Out of Love With Property?

Show summary: In this episode Kate Silverton and Justin Rowlett look into the UK’s obsession with property and whether the recession could change their relationships with their homes.

Speaking to those who bought at the peak of the market, Andrew Verity asks if they have any regrets about investing at this time, while Justin examines the pros and cons of renting and the struggles some landlords such as George are having in trying to make a profit from their properties.

Our Take

Whilst some investors like George may be struggling to make a return on investment during the current economic climate, this doesn’t mean you can’t!

At Property Mentor we offer advice and support to thousands of successful investors so we know that it is possible to win when investing in property – you just need the right advice. Property boom or recession, our 8 unique strategies are designed to cope with all aspects of the property market.

During our Free 2 hour property course we will show you how to:

  • Invest in the right properties
  • Make some of your income 100% tax free
  • Invest using little, if any, of your own money
  • Earn a positive cash flow of £300 per property, per month

So what are you waiting for?

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Episode Four: Will Boom Times Be Back?

Show summary: Kate Silverton and Justin Rowlatt look to the future and consider the impact the market recovery will have on house prices, multi-generational living and the growing housing shortage.

Over the course of this programme they also speak to property developer Damien Kearsley who is trying to sell a £5m property and examine the UK’s growing trend of alternating between property booms and recession’s, before venturing into the power banks and politicians have on house price inflation.

Our Take

As the property market has proven, time and time again, history loves to repeat itself. Dating back to Roman times, the economy has transitioned between periods of high property prices and credit crunches which were just as influential then as they are now.

Yet during each of these times, people have always found methods to cope: an age old example being multi-generational living. As we are writing this more than 500,000 homes across the UK are currently housing 3 generations of the same family, and the main reason for this high number is the difficulty people are having getting onto the property ladder.

At Property Mentor we can help. To date we have helped over 1,800 people to invest in their first home and you can do the same. Using a combination of our Property Mentor Finance Team and 8 investment strategies, you can successfully invest in your own property and experience the freedom you deserve.

Our strategies are for everyone. More importantly there in no restriction on what you can invest in.

Take the case of Damien Kearsley. By attending our free 2 hour property course, we can show you how to buy high value properties, make cash back and still receive a positive cash flow.

All you need is the initiative and determination to turn your investment dreams into reality.

Take advantage of our exclusive postcode checker below and discover when our next upcoming property course is taking place. We guarantee it will be the most profitable 2 hours of your life...

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