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If you have ever fancied investing in property, then we thoroughly recommend that you attend one of our FREE 2 hour property development courses.

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Give us just 2 hours of your time and we will prove why property is still the #1 investment niche on the market PLUS provide you with the skills, the strategies and the property knowledge to invest in property in ALL economic climates...

What we are offering is MORE than a property workshop!

We run courses across the entire breadth of the UK. So no matter where you live – Manchester, London or Cardiff - we have got a property development course for YOU.

Simply register for one of our courses in property development TODAY and for no cost at all, you can:

  • Harness our 8 PROVEN investment strategies
  • Discover how to earn a tax free income

And more importantly,

  • Attend our property development course - as many times as you want - safe in the knowledge that you are under no obligation to attend our Full Workshop

There is no catch!

Should you find that our property development course is not for you, you can happily leave our course knowing that you have lost nothing – yes not a single penny of your hard earned cash. Only 2 short hours of your time...

However, we doubt once you have witnessed our investment strategies in action, you’ll feel this way. To date we have helped over 2,500 new and experienced property investors to create multi-million pound property portfolios, and we are confident we can help YOU too.

Enter your postcode into our EXCLUSIVE postcode checker below and discover when your next property course is taking place...

Everything you need in just 2 hours...

property development seminar Imagine being able to retire when YOU want, how YOU want and where YOU want to, 100% confident that you can offer your family the increased security of knowing that all their bills and repayments are covered? You can!

Use any 1 of our 8 proven investment strategies to create a property portfolio of 4 properties – yes just 4 – and for only 1 hours work a week you CAN experience the reassurance of receiving £300-£1,000 positive cash flows per property EVERY SINGLE month... for the rest of your life!

And you don’t have to be the only one to benefit...

Your family too can experience the highs of being able to invest ANYWHERE in the UK at no financial risk, and continue to use our unique investment strategies to expand your property portfolio for many years to come...

So what are you waiting for?

Invest right, and your bank and your tenants will pay for it all – ALL the bills, ALL the repayments, EVERYTHING...

And that is only the start...

Unlike 95% of property developer courses on the market who will offer you 1 maybe 2 investment strategies. At Property Mentor we have accumulated over 20+ years of property investment experience in order to create 8 PROVEN investment strategies which have withstood 1 property boom AND 2 recessions.

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All we ask in return for accessing these strategies is that you give us just 2 hours of your time and during those 2 hours we will show you how to:

  • Invest in the RIGHT properties, in the RIGHT locations at the RIGHT price
  • Buy property using none of your own cash!
  • Earn £300-£1,000 positive cash flows per property per month
  • Create successful property investment portfolios

So why not try one of our free 2 hour property development courses TODAY and let us help you to begin your journey to 10%-30% property discounts; impressive BTLs and the support of a proven system which can give you the financial independence you deserve.

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