Using the Property Mentor system, anyone can build a successful investment property portfolio and make between £500-£1000 passive income per property, per month.

Whatever your age, gender, ethnicity or background, you can succeed in property investment by following our system and putting in a little hard work - and here's the proof!

Hundreds of our delegates have already become successful professional landlords with Property Mentor, and were so happy that they couldn't wait to share their stories with us.

Read on to find out what delegates think about our services.

Property Mentor™ Workshop

Even after completing only the 3 day aspect of the Property Mentor workshop, Fraser Hampton is already confident about his prospects in property:

'My head is filled with ideas. The course was incredible!

It is hard to describe the motivation I have now got, but one thing I do know for certain is that first thing tomorrow... I am going to be doing exactly what I have learnt today - investing.'

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Video Testimonials

Property Mentor™ Workshop
invest in property "I had 3 properties which I weren't earning a cash flow through any of them but now I've learnt a whole new way of doing things"... Play Video

Property Mentor™ Workshop
investment opportunities "I didn't realise it would be this good, great value for money!..." Play Video

Property Mentor™ Workshop
uk property investment "I feel there's always something to learn and it's a fantastic opportunity..."
Play Video

Property Mentor™ Workshop
property investing " I found it really informative especially the networking which was really useful..."
Play Video

Property Mentor™ Workshop
property seminar "It's put a lot of ideas in my mind and it's certainly motivated me to do what I've learnt here today from tomorrow on..."
Play Video

Property Mentor™ Workshop
invest in property "This was my second Mentor day and I've had a fantastic day networking with people. Thank you once again Property Mentor™!..." Play Video

Property Mentor™ Workshop
property investors "I suppose I'm very different from your traditional investor. I didn't even go on the Free seminar..." Play Video

Property Mentor™ Workshop
property investment london "'It was encouraging to meet other people who were just as keen as me to invest..."
Play Video

Property Mentor™ Workshop
property investment "'I have always been interested in property, but didn't know how to get into it. All I knew was that I wanted to take control of my own destiny..." Play Video

More Testimonials

  • The workshop has given me the information and ideas required for me to go out there tomorrow and have the confidence to source out and get good properties.

    Deborah Okorie, November 2010
  • The workshop has given me the knowledge, understanding and courage to take the necessary action to move forwards and create cash flow. This has been an answer to my dreams, which I will make come true.

    Sandra Burton, November 2010
  • Great insight into being smart and learning from others mistakes and not your own. Can't wait to get started.

    Christian Little, November 2010
  • I feel the course will change my life, it's everything I've been looking for. Thank you.

    Kraig Milward, November 2010
  • Talking with successful people that change your mind - "I know I can do it" The Property Mentor system works. Just do it!!

    Alen Kokumbayev, November 2010
  • This workshop has given me the tools, hope and encouragement to go and achieve my property portfolio goals.

    Ludwig Richardson, November 2010
  • Apart from the system, it has made me think about diversifying and changed my attitude towards money and how to get to where I want to be.

    Michelle Lantin, November 2010
  • I came on the course with no experience or knowledge, I feel I have learnt quite a lot but the hardest part for me will be putting it into action or believing that I can do it. I had an enjoyable weekend.

    Lisa Winter, November 2010
  • I believe that with the knowledge I have acquired, I will be able to be financially independent within a year and start working fully for myself.

    Nnaemeka Opara, November 2010
  • What an eye opener, what stimulation!

    Roger Tate, November 2010
  • The workshop provides a useful insight into what's possible with property investing and strategies put into easy to understand terms.

    Dipesh Mistry, November 2010
  • Great experience, a lot to take in but worth it.

    Richard Northage, November 2010
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