Bindy Jhooti

Property Mentor Delegate

What inspired you to get into property investment

bindy jhooti

Fear! After 25 years of a conventional business with a £4m annual turnover I did not have any passive income. For the security of my family I knew I had to develop a passive income as our business could not be relied upon to do that.

What did you do before becoming a property investor

From a very early age I had decided to invest my time in my future rather than sell it to an employer. The first opportunity I had to go into business was at the age of 20. We manufactured casual clothing, denim jeans etc, with production in the UK and India. Over the years we developed accounts with some of the leading high street retailers; New Look, River Island, Fenwick, H&M, Monsoon, BHS, House of Fraser, Etam etc.

Do you feel property investment has changed much since you started?

The market conditions are always changing; the demand for rented property has grown as have the returns. Definitely a good time to get involved but knowledge is essential.

What advice would you give to people considering property investment as a career?

If someone truly wants to make a career in property investment then they should get committed, have a game plan of what they want to achieve and set realistic goals. As a professional investor they should realize that they need to invest into knowledge before they invest into property. The returns are amazing!

What is the best investment you have made as a property investor?

A property I purchased for £210000 (discounted from £255000)

What is the most you have earned as a passive income?

The best return I have seen to date has been £800 per month

I have a total of 4 properties generating £2700/month (special rates) at its peak, now averaging £1800

Why do you feel property is a beneficial asset?

The fact that property is a good asset is no secret, what most people do not realize how good it can be and with-in reach. The mere fact that people need somewhere to live, land is limited and the population growing tells us that demand will always be there for property.

How did you come to be a member of Property Mentor?

When I decided to invest in property I started looking at gaining the knowledge. I did not want someone to give me a fish but teach me how to fish. Property Mentor offered that opportunity.

What advice would you give to experienced investor's who are questioning whether to sell their properties during the current economic climate?

The only reason they should be looking to sell is if they have properties that are not generating a cash-flow or they are extremely short of liquid funds. Now is the time to buy, not sell.

Do you feel there is much competition in property investment?

There is competition, more so amongst investors who have a handful of properties. The economic conditions tend to discourage the 'amateur' investor but the professionals see it as an opportunity.

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