Property Mentor Provides Real Return on Investment

Our Property Mentor course can ensure that you always achieve a good level of return on your investment for your entire property portfolio...

From the tools, the strategies and the property knowledge we provide you with, to our extensive collection of resources and financial advice, ALL can help you to realise a positive cash flow no matter the financial climate and successfully achieve your property investment ambitions.

Some of the benefits of attending the Property Mentor Course:

  • Learn how to implement 8 proven investment strategies
  • Access to Unique Research and Analysis software
  • Unlimited access to the Property Mentor team of experts
  • The best investment advice from top financial experts, IFA's and Negotiators
  • Assistance with creating a successful Business plan
  • Access to our network of 1,000s of property investors

Our Taster sessions are completley free!!

If you choose to join usthe full price for first year including access to 13 Training days, access to our team, unlimited one to one strategy meetings, access to courced deals and ability to use our forum is £3297 or £897 deposit then £200 per Month for 12 Months

Whether you choose to attend the course on your own or opt to bring a friend, there IS a payment plan for you.

What Annual Return would other investments provide?

property investing

What return should you expect?

older man reading a newspaper Our goal is to make property investment as accessible as possible to ensure you have got every opportunity to witness the real profitability of the property market.

We want you to succeed. To be able to structure your property portfolio with the reassurance that you can make a real return on your investment.

That is why our Property Mentor course is specifically designed to offer you just that. During our course you will learn how to:

  • Buy properties of ANY value for an amount well below market value
  • Buy properties using little of your own capital - in fact in most cases you will walk away with more money than you started with AND a new rental property in your portfolio

And once you know how to do all of the above you will be in a strong position to purchase properties without any additional investment. Instead you will be able to sit back, relax and watch as your property earns you an average of £220 a month – over £2,640 a year for just one property.

In the cases shown above, once they have bought their first property Mr A will have covered his £100 AND will be earning £120 per month.

And Mr B will be earning £112.50 every single month from just one property.

Although a single property will not cover the whole of Mrs B’s standing order, in just over 2 years she will have paid off the ENTIRE cost of the course, simply by paying £11 per month.

So you can see that by implementing the techniques shown to you by Property Mentor you will quickly recover the investment made in the cost of the course.

After that it is up to you how many properties you want to invest in and how much return you want to earn on a monthly basis. Either way property can offer you a return on investment that is substantially higher than all other forms of investment currently on the market:

Offer your property portfolio real success

Still not sure how our course can translate into real investments? We’ll prove it.

Using our very own unique step-by-step system, one Property Mentor delegate invested £300,000 on his first property.

He purchased this house :

  • Below Market Value
  • Without putting any of his own money down
  • Paid all Solicitors fees etc using equity in the property
  • Took £4,500 cash from the deal
  • Has constantly maintained a positive cash flow

The value of his latest investment property was £1,000,000. He purchased this house:

  • Below Market Value
  • Without putting any of his own money down
  • Paid all Solicitors fees etc using equity in the property
  • Took £31,000 cash from the deal
  • Has a positive cash flow of £3,000 per month

And you can do the same. You too can experience this same success, and you can do it all using the money you acquire through your property investments.

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