Ever considered investing abroad?

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overseas property investmentWe may have just come out of a recession, but investing in property abroad can still be incredibly lucrative EVEN though property prices are now rising...

In fact, all evidence seems to point to the same conclusion - that NOW more than ever is the ideal time to buy and boost your current income.

And we can prove it...

FACT 1: Property prices across America may have grown on average by 9% in the last 12 months. However, according to Winkworth International Developments, property investors can still invest in luxury homes across Florida for 50% below their 2005 peak.

FACT 2: Reputed to house the 2014 World cup AND the 2016 Olympic Games, Brazilian property prices are expected to appreciate by 200% in the next decade.

That is a 200% in equity, ready and waiting for you to release in the future!

FACT 3: Due to France's unusual property investment system - of lending you only a third of your gross monthly income - they are the ONLY European country to offer 100% LTV mortgage deals.

FACT 4: Possibly the worst hit country to come out of the recession, the USA has currently got 7 million properties waiting to go into foreclosure. That is 7 million opportunities where YOU can take advantage of distressed, abandoned and repossessed properties at bargain prices.

See what we mean?

real estate abroadThe media may still be dubious about the idea of investing abroad, but when we examine these statistics, all we can see is bargains… bargains… bargains and ample opportunities to benefit from strong capital growths...

But what if you could get a piece of this market place using little of your own capital and with no prior property experience? Would you take advantage?

Well you now can, by attending our FREE 2 hour Property Mentor seminar.

All we ask is that you give us just 2 hours - yes, just 2 hours of your time - and we'll show YOU why buying Buy to Let properties in the USA, Spain, France and Portugal, can bring you financial security… for life.

UK or abroad? Which can offer you more value?

buying property abroadWhat if you could achieve financial freedom simply by looking beyond the realms of the UK – would you take the leap? Go beyond everything you have previously known and invest with the confidence that you can make guaranteed gains for life?


We will be with you every step of the way.

Give us just 2 hours and we'll show you:

  • How to find properties in the US, Spain and Australia, that can make you an easy £300-£1,000 profit per property, per month... every month.
  • How to make your income 100% tax freeskip selling your properties, there is no profit there. Instead give yourself a bonus… a country free from stamp duties, and a range of beautiful houses that will give you a substantial profit free from tax. How? By refinancing.
  • How to triple your pension, retire in 5 years time and live without a financial care in the world. Bliss.

Whether you’re new to buy-to-let or have already started your property portfolio we are confident once you have witnessed the credibility of our unique system, you too will be able to see why investing abroad can answer all your investment prayers.

Want to know more?

We can’t blame you. With such a fantastic range of beautiful properties - ready and waiting for YOU to snap them up - you’ll always have a tenant begging you to let them rent.

And the reason we are this confident? We are a country fascinated by holidays abroad. Sun, sea and sand… they are the perfect combination for letting your hair down and escaping from our everyday lives.

 For example if you spotted a deal where you could rent a property abroad for only £300-£1,000 a month – would you be able to resist? Exactly. It is the dream deal for all holiday goers – everywhere.

And one, that we guarantee will have them saying yes... yes... yes, once they see it.

20 years of experience in 1 easy-to-use system

Is this really all possible? Yes!

Our unique step-by-step system has proven its worth time and time again: 2,500 times in fact, and you can join them.

We have been in the property business for over 20 years and know first hand the changing volatility of the housing market. The 1973 crash… we were there. The crash of 1989… we invested like crazy.

property abroadGet the picture? From credit crisis to property boom, we have gone from strength to strength, laying down the foundations for our current success in a time when other property investors were running scared.

In fact now is our favourite time!

Currently, Property Mentors Lead Trainer Matthew Lauchlan is earning an impressive £17,000 positive cash flow every month on the very same properties he has invested in during the current credit crisis. How? Using the Property Mentor system.

So unlike the 95% of other investors who are determined to use systems that were only profitable 10 years ago – you can benefit from a perfected system built on 20 years of experience.

A system that is specifically designed to save you time, energy and money, so you can focus on the genuine deals. The deals that will generate you that additional monthly income and turn your property deals into a success.

What will you learn in 2 hours? Everything you need...

Would you believe all our property course trainers are ex-Property Mentor delegates? It’s true. In fact, we intentionally let past delegates lead our courses so you can see first hand your possible future prospects. Why?

property buying abroadThey too have stood where you are now… wondering if our system is for real. Questioning the effectiveness of our system. And the result of their endeavours? Property portfolios worth millions of pounds!

We want you to feel this confident too...

That is why we regularly ask our delegates to lead our seminars, to show you that everything we preach is possible. That you too can make your dreams of financial freedom reality.

But there’s more. A hidden bonus...

When you attend our FREE 2 hour seminar, you will be able to get every question you have ever wanted answering about property investment, answered. Tempted?

property mentorYou should be, considering in just 2 hours you’ll learn everything you need to make your dreams of investing abroad a reality.

So what have you got to lose? 2 hours of your time?

Normally priced at £297 - we are offering you the chance to harness all our skills and knowledge - for FREE.

A deal no other property investment company can match...

Falling house prices + a PROVEN system = the perfect property investment for you

I know what you’re thinking? How can I access this system? Easy. Through our 2 hour learning forum.

By attending our FREE 2 hour course you will learn:

  • How to manage your overseas properties - Our system takes out the stress of managing multiple properties, no matter where they are and allows you to spend as little as 1 hour a week on each one.
  • How you can buy a property abroad using little of your own capital!
  • Which are REALLY the best countries to purchase your buy-to-let properties and why - So many people get this wrong . . . YOU won't be one of them. Instead you can learn from their mistakes and find fantastic bargains at 80% of the cost.
  • How to always generate a positive cash flow – forget monthly repayments. Your tenants will pay for it all, plus give you an additional income of £300-£1,000 per property per month.

And all it takes is just 2 hours…

property investment abroadWho says you can only invest in the UK? Not us.

With the demand to escape to sunnier climates rising yearly, you can offer your tenants an alternative solution and reap the rewards of at least £300+ in profits year in, year out… for life.

Make your dreams a reality.

Turn your properties into a lifelong asset. Secure your spot below...

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