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property investmentWhat would you do if we could turn your investments around? Yes completely. No money fears. No restrictions. Just bargain upon bargain of property deals - would it be worth just 2 hours of your time?

As a nation who has witnessed the highs of a property boom and the pitfalls of a credit crisis in just 4 years, knowing that you can still safely invest and keep your current investments secure is a dream we all seek.

After all, the last thing you want to do is sell. Not after all your hard work and dedication.

Well you can change your future!

You can turn all these facts. All these statistics. And make property into a real and tangible asset.

The recent recession doesn’t have to be the 'be all' and 'end all' of property investment. No, far from it. In fact, you can harness it into a credible and sustainable investment.

It’s true!

So forget the current economic climate and offer your portfolio the best in property investment: buy-to-let.

At Property Mentor, we know from experience that the property market has got many faces; many guises that can leave you uncertain of where it will turn next. So we know how it feels to watch the market literally change before your eyes.

The tools you used before in the boom… gone. 100% mortgages… gone. The market can change, and it can change fast.

So what can you do? Simple. You can offer yourself a system that has got all the tools and all the ‘property know how’ you need to enable you to invest in any – yes ANY – financial market. Come boom or credit crisis.

And with it, you can turn all the price fluctuations. All the discounts. Into real profitable gains.

Financial freedom doesn’t have to be a fantasy. Property can take you there...

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Buy-to-let or renovation? Which can offer you more?

experienced investorThere is much more to property investment, than renovation. Buy-to-let has got all the answers.

Fact 1: Prove that your property has got collateral, and you’ll receive all the loan you need.

It’s true.

Prove to banks that your property can produce 125% of its mortgage payments and they’ll soon be wanting to accept your proposal.

No or low deposit down. No obligation against your home. Just instant investment savings. Great!

Fact 2: Repayments? What repayments?

Renovating a property is not cheap, no matter what the property shows may tell you.

For instance, on top of all the repairs and maintenance you will have to pay for, you will also have months of bills, council tax and repayments to look forward to. And that’s forgetting your own mortgage. Ouch!

But you can escape that, and get a bonus while you’re at it.

How? Through buy-to-let.

By renting out your properties, you can sit back, relax and watch your tenants pay for it all! All the bills. All the repayments. With not a single penny coming out of your own pocket.

Instead you will be reaping the rewards of a £300-£1,000 bonus every single month.

All for 1 hours work a week!


And their rental prices are pretty impressive too:

Property type Averange UK rental (per month) Averange English rental (per month) Averange Welsh rental (per month)
Studio £898 £604 £250
1 bed £796 £553 £362
2 bed £1002 £705 £474
3 bed £1,197 £884 £671
4 bed £1,311 £1,295 £986
5+ bed £1,752 £1,845 £1,391

Take a look at any of these figures, and you’ll soon be able to see what we mean: invest in any of them and you will always be able to generate a positive income.

Yes, even with 2 bedroom houses.

So what have you got to lose? We have got a course for everyone – including YOU!

Manchester, London or Cardiff, if you are interested in expandiproperty mentorng your property horizons, at Property Mentor we can help.

The recent recession does not have to spell the end of your investments. No. Give us just 2 hours of your time and we’ll prove to you why it is possible to invest in any climate and make £300+ monthly profits for life.

The media may tell you, you cannot have the best of both worlds, but you can. Whether house prices are rising or falling, it is possible to make a positive income from them both. All you need is the tools to make it work, and we can give them to you.

So get investing, and let the property market - come property boom or credit crisis - supplement your finances.

It’s just a click away...

Beat the statistics, and let buy-to-let pay for it all

So how can you beat the statistics, and break the mould? Simple. By expanding your options.

At Property Mentor, we can understand the temptations to sell. With all the media telling you that house prices are going to fall or become static, watching your property depreciate in value is not an easy task.

But it doesn’t have to be this way...

You see, the fantastic thing about buy-to-let, is the fact that you won’t be selling. No. Not at all.

So, even if house prices start falling again… it doesn't matter! It won’t make a difference to your profits because you will be reaping the rewards of a property rental market that is growing in demand!

Would you believe 71% of the population would rather rent than invest in a mortgage – it’s true! And it is them who you will be supplementing. All 41.18 million of them.

So get on board...

You can have all this: the extensive property portfolio, the tenancy… all of it.

property mentorOther investment companies may tell you to invest in what you know, but at Property Mentor we know better...

We know from experience that limiting yourself to one system, to one tool can reduce your portfolio’s expansion possibilities and in a worst case scenario, force you to sell further down the line.

You need to explore. To try something new. Property Mentor can guide you through it.

During our FREE 2 hour taster session, we can show you how to invest in any property, in any financial climate, and earn £300+ profits every single month.

What’s more, after your first four properties you could retire a property millionaire. Yes! In just 4 properties, we can show you how to turn all your current properties into an asset that will enable you to retire in approximately 5 years time with: TRIPLE the pension, TRIPLE the assets and TRIPLE the prospects.

And in the long run? Your properties can give YOU the freedom to give your family the financial security they deserve...

We can even give you the software to research the profitability of your properties all from the comfort of your own home! No trailing the streets with viewing upon viewing. No travel costs. Nothing.

So what are you waiting for?

We are confident that with our software at your side, you’ll soon be stacking up your properties, finding all the best deals and investing without a care in the world. It couldn’t be simpler.

So make your investments that little bit easier and sign up for one of our courses today using our postcode checker below. In the long run you could be saving yourself more than a bit of money, but your time and energy too...

What will you learn in 2 hours? All the answers...

So what can you learn from our FREE seminars? Everything you need to invest ANYWHERE in the UK. There’ll be no limit to what you can achieve once you have completed our course.

property investmentYou too can free yourself from the limitation of one system, and fill your portfolio with an impressive diversity of properties, bought from all areas of the property market.

You see, whereas 95% of investors will still be trapped within systems that will only profitable during the property boom, you will have expanded your accessibility and will have invested like crazy.

All we ask for is just 2 hours of your time, and during our FREE 2 hour seminar we will show you how to turn your property portfolio around, PLUS give you an insight into how to research your properties; negotiate the best deals and earn strong profits for the rest of your life.

So if you are looking to expand your portfolio and increase your investment options, our FREE 2 hour seminar can give you all you need.

We will show you how to:

  • Make some of your income 100% tax free – how? By using a Property Matrix system, which we will teach you
  • Structure for long term success – now is the perfect time to lay down the foundations for your future, and have the best of both worlds. Rising rent, falling interest rates and a future appreciating property. Magic.
  • Retire in 5 years time – it is possible! Once you have completed property number 4, you could be 100% financially free with a property portfolio worth over £1 million.
  • Invest at bargain prices – other investors may be running scared, but not you. Instead, you’ll be taking advantage of other investor’s mistakes and investing at just 80% of the price.

So get involved, and lay down the foundations for your future.

With the recession now over, you will be able to sit back and watch your properties appreciate in value. And your rental income? It will be up there rising with your property value. Fantastic!

20 years of experience in 1 compact system

Imagine being able to harness a perfected system built on 20 years of experience. A system that has stood the test of time, and has invested in them all. The crisis of 1992, the boom of 2007… all of them.

property mentorWell you can.

In fact, by using our system you can escape all the kinks of trial and error; free yourself from all the costly mistakes and invest with complete and utter confidence.

We have honestly thought of everything: rising/falling interest rates… fluctuating house prices… our system will account for every eventuality, so you don’t have to.

Why? Because, at Property Mentor we know first hand the changing volatility of the housing market. It is a market that loves to repeat itself, over and over again.

Take a look in the history books. Go on. In the last 50 years you’ll spot 3 credit crises, yet in the wake of them all, the property market has gone on to ‘boom’ again and again.

It is a continuous cycle, which you can take advantage of.

Yet you can learn from our mistakes...

You see, when we first began investing, we did it alone. No support. No guidance. No-one to tell us that we needed to adapt to the market in order to survive. We had to learn it the hard way.

For you, we want it to be different.

We want you to be able to leave our course confident in our training and reassured that no matter the market you will be able to invest.

For this reason, we have designed this unique system – the very same system we use for our own investments – so you can access all our experience, all our knowledge and know that you can achieve success.

So unlike other investors who are still trapped within old systems, you will know better than to limit yourself to one tool. No, instead you will have given yourself access to a system that has witnessed them all. All the rises, all the falls, but which can yet offer you 8 PROVEN investment strategies that will make any market a profitable asset.

And yes, our system is real...

experienced investorIn just 10 years we have helped over 2,500 delegates achieve financial freedom. A 10 year spate that has witnessed a property boom and a recession all in one turn. And you can join them in creating property portfolio’s worth over £1 million.

It's true - the current economic climate doesn’t have to be the 'be all' and 'end all'. Using our system, you can harness it all!

So try one of our many property investment courses today, and see the truth for yourself...

With courses taking place all over the country – from the Northern reaches of England to the Southern regions of the UK – taking the step to improving your portfolio has never been easier.

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