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Are Lease Options A Profitable Investment Option?

A lot has changed in the last 10 years. From fluctuating property prices to losses in equity, selling property is no longer simply about finding the right buyer. It is about finding the right price too.

Yet for many of you this is no longer an option…

Offering little or no equity, what was once your pride and joy has now become a prison because you are unable to sell without making a financial loss or falling into arrears.

So is it really any wonder that you are considering alternative means for getting rid of your property? Of course not! And who could blame you?

Lease Options may seem like an attractive alternative to homeowners in negative equity as well as for property investors who have little or no capital to invest; have bad credit rating and/or are unable to obtain a mortgage. But Lease Options are more problematic than you think.

What are Lease Options?

On the outside, Lease Options have all the appearances of making moving easy…


Weighed down by a mortgage? No more. Want to move? Easy.

Simply pass on mortgage payments to a property investor (who will lease out the property and then buy it after an agreed period at an agreed price); Lease Options can offer you the freedom to move without having to worry about your existing mortgage.

And this would be great, if it was really that simple, but it isn’t.

The reality is, Lease Options are risky for homeowners and property investors alike, and here is why:

Point One

Lease Options are under review

Homeowner: No one else can take responsibility for paying your mortgage other than you (especially if your mortgage lender has no awareness of this agreement).

Property Investor: If the government manages to implement tighter legislation on these options, this could spell bad news for you as an investor. Enter into this type of agreement – even if your intentions are honourable – and you could potentially end up breaking the law.

Point Two

There is no guarantee that the investor can cover your mortgage payments

Homeowner: For instance what if they go for months unable to fill your property with tenants? Will they pay the shortfall? Of course not, as legally you are the mortgage payer and the one responsible for the payments.

And should they fall into arrears without telling you? It will be you, NOT them who will face having your home repossessed.

Property Investor: There may be times where you struggle to keep the property occupied. Now under normal circumstances you would pay the mortgage yourself as you own the property.

But in this instance you don’t – so what can you do? The mortgage provider doesn’t know about the arrangement and legally the property owner is still responsible for the property? The only thing you can do is wire the money to the owner in the hopes they will make the payment, equalling a lot of hassle, a lot of trouble and the potential for major hiccups.

And this is forgetting the fact that you’ll be paying the mortgage for a property you don’t own, with your own savings and of which you’ll receive nothing whilst it is empty.

See what we mean? Lease Option agreements are simply too risky if you are already in financial trouble with your property. Make the wrong decision and you’ll both be in trouble.

You will not find the Vendor Joint Venture strategy on ANY other property course, so secure your spot on our next property course NOW…

Surely, there are other options?

Yes, there are. And best of all, the solution is 100% legal and beneficial to everyone (both you AND the homeowner): Vendor Joint Ventures.

What are Vendor Joint Ventures?

New and exclusive to our property course 2012, our Vendor Joint Venture scheme contains all the benefits of Lease Options, without any of the risks.

So if you are a property owner struggling to move or meet your mortgage payments or are a property investor keen to legitimately help homeowners to move, then this strategy may be for you.

You see, unlike Lease Options which place property owners at great financial risk, our Vendor Joint Ventures are:

  • 100% Legal and agreed upon with mortgage lenders and the other 2 parties – giving you both the reassurance that your finances are safe.
  • Property investor – all profits generated from your tenants (£300-£1,000 positive cash flows every single month) will 100% yours.
  • Homeowner – you can experience the confidence of knowing that your mortgage payments are being met every month.
  • Designed so you will both profit should the property increase in value – once expenses have been deducted, increases in value will be split 50/50. Fantastic news for you both!

“Vendor Joint Venture offers a good solution for property owners and due to the nature of the finer points of the agreement is also fair and ethical, and will ensure a beneficial outcome for both the owner and the investor.”

- Mortgage Lender

Plus if you have got a poor credit rating, are bankrupt, unable to get a mortgage etc Vendor Joint Venture’s are just one of the many ways the Property Mentor course can help you get onto the property ladder and start investing in property, without the need to invest any of your own savings or capital.

Homeowner or budding property investor, our Vendor Joint Ventures are designed to offer you the security, the confidence and the strategies to keep your property occupied and the cash flows coming in.


Too Good To Be True?

Take the following scenario for instance:

Mr. X owns a property in Birmingham and needs to move to London due to new work commitments.

For a number of reasons he cannot or doesn’t want to sell his property e.g. His outstanding mortgage is more than what he could sell his property for (his mortgage is £100,000 whilst his property is only valued at £90,000). As a result Mr X is unable to move to his new job.

At Property Mentor we can teach you how to create a win / win situation for yourself and Mr X by utilising our Vendor Joint Venture scheme.

Offering Mr X the above protection, he can now move to London for his new job without having to worry that his mortgage payments are at risk of falling into arrears.

Instead you are both left in a position where you can profit when the property increases in value.

Can Vendor Joint Ventures Benefit Property Investors too?

Yes – more than you think!

You see, our Vendor Joint Ventures aren’t solely designed to make homeowners feel more secure with this arrangement. We have also structured them to ensure that you as an investor have got the tools, the strategies and the resources to make your property consistently profitable month and month EVERY month.

And the benefits are really stacked in your favour…

Point One

The agreement is 100% legal and approved by the mortgage lender.

Meaning should the property become empty for a period, you won’t be chasing the property owner around to make a payment. Instead you will have direct contact with the provider.

But, you won’t have to worry about this…

Attend our Property Mentor course and our proven system will ensure that your property is never vacant for long.

Point Two

No purchase required

That’s right! No need to raise capital. No need to put down a deposit. You’ll essentially be able to invest in this property without using any of your own savings or capital

Instead you will be able to reap the rewards of a strong tendency demand plus returns of £300-£1,000 per property per month, without ever having to risk any of your own capital.

Since 2003, we have helped over 3,000 people to achieve their dreams of financial security by helping them to successfully invest in property. And you can now join them…

By becoming a Property Mentor delegate, you can become a part of a community of investors - from all different types of financial backgrounds - and benefit from the certainty that we’re constantly striving to find solutions to improve your situation, no matter your circumstances.

Your proof? Vendor Joint Ventures – the latest addition to our long line of investment strategies.

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Does Vendor Joint Venture work?

It really is as simple as the scenario describes…

Simply attend our property course and once you become a Property Mentor delegate you can access the strategies, the resources and the tools you need to get involved in property and make serious positive cash flows.

And your current credit / financial situation won’t matter!

Even if you have got bad credit, our 8 proven investment strategies can offer you the security of being able to genuinely invest in property, without using any of your own savings or capital.

So if you are interested in learning a legitimate and legal way to buy property, why not register for one of our FREE 2 hour property courses today and discover why Lease Options are not the only solution?

With over a decades worth of property investment experience and more than 3,000 satisfied delegates, at Property Mentor you can become the property investor you want to be.

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