Is it all a scam?

The answer is simple: No.

uk propertyUnlike other companies we are 100% educational.

No other company can offer this level of satisfaction or commitment to their delegates in promoting complete confidence in their training.

When you attend our course you can do so, confident that our training will benefit you for more than a few years, but for life.

At Property Mentor, we have only one desire... One goal. To help you find success in property.

We know first hand the changing volatility of the housing market. That is why we are offering you access to a perfected system built on 20 years of experience, so you can escape the mistakes made by other investors and leap to the top of your competition.

And for that we charge a one off fee - everything else is FREE. Our mentoring programme... research software... all are free for you to explore.

More importantly, your success will be yours and yours alone. We will lay no claim to your deals and investments. Everything that you accomplish... every penny you make - is all yours! All we want in return is the chance to teach and advise you, so you can experience the same success that we have.

Our support does not end there...

By taking advantage of our three day Property Mentor workshop, you will also have access to our optional 54 training days. And we have to admit they are too good to miss.

They will provide you with the perfect stepping stone to creating a business that could change your life and give you financial security for many years to come. And yes - they are free too.

We know what you are thinking - 'if this is such a great system, then why share it?'

Simple. We have stood where you are now... looking to make that first investment... unsure where to start... and we want to give you that helping hand.

Become a part of the dream...

Our ultimate goal is to set up a community of like-minded people. We believe that the value of any community is greater than the sum of its parts. That means we want you to be part of it.

The power of a group behind a deal is a truly incredible experience. Some of our very own deals would have been very difficult to exploit without the support and backing of a group.

You can become a part of it. How? Let us explain.

We encourage all our delegates to meet up regularly; to talk about their current deals in an environment where they can help and learn from each other. And it works.

We have documented proof that these meetings have quickened the progress of our delegates in their journey to making fantastic deals.

So whether your ambitions lie with buying your first four properties or to extending your portfolio, you can feel confident we have got it all covered.

More than a One off deal...

For the first four years after you have completed our three day workshop we offer you - at no extra cost - the choice to attend a selection of additional workshops that will focus on all your needs... all your queries... all you could ever want to know:

  • 1st year - 12 days training
  • 2nd year - 14 days training
  • 3rd year - 14 days training
  • 4th year - 14 days training

You are in safe hands.

Read our testimonials and see how our workshops have helped others. Become a part of our community today:

'There is a whole community online to share thoughts with and to keep
the momentum going... the course was more than worth money... '
Rebecca Own, Cambridgeshire.

'The workshop was well structured and professional with excellent presenters
who knew their stuff - very relaxed - and no hard sell which is important.
I am now keen to discover more about the Property Mentor system.'
Ken Whyne, Ilford, Essex.

'In two months, my investment in the workshop paid off ...
I have two fantastic deals set up for low money and once
finalised will produce more than £1,000 in passive income.'
Vincent Yip, Liverpool.
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