Worried that certain things will prevent you from being successful?

Here’s what some of our delegates said to us before they started...

“I have a busy lifestyle and I am unsure of how much time I can commit to property investment...”

Your property investment journey is completely unique, and when you get in touch with us, we will work around your requirements to create a bespoke investment plan that fits with your lifestyle. As a delegate, you are under no contracts and you will never be tied into committing to a set amount of hours. Whether you can work 1 hour a week or 40, you are at complete liberty to employ as much of your time as you wish.

Not every aspiring property investor comes with a commitment-free life. We understand that and we recognise the need to balance your property investment goals with your existing responsibilities. That is why, when you become a delegate , you will be given the option of utilising our professional PA services as well as full access to our expert team on a one to one basis. Some of our delegates find the need for this service increases as their property portfolio continues to grow while others choose to become an ‘armchair’ investor from the outset.

We are as dedicated to our most modest investors as we are to our property multi-millionaires and we are here to personally support, guide and advise you on whatever you want to gain from property investment.

“I don’t understand why anyone would sell their property for below its market value...”

Let us put one thing straight before we start; you are not alone in feeling slightly confused about the whole aspect of selling below market value. In fact, even some of our most successful delegates broached a lack of understanding about this when we first met them. Ironically, however, something that they feared would hold them back has actually become one of their most powerful tools.

If you are new to property investment or even if you are an experienced investor but have been inadequately informed before, it may be difficult to comprehend why anyone would willingly sell their property for less than its market value. The fact is people commonly sell their properties below market value; usually because of the need to sell quickly. This often results from:

  • Employment relocation
  • Financial difficulties
  • Selling an inheritance property
  • Redundancy or demotion
  • Illness
  • Plans to start a business
  • Emigration plans
  • Pregnancy/ plans to start a family
  • Divorce/ Separation
  • Breakdown of friendships in shared properties.

Our property investment courses will properly explain this in further detail as it is extremely crucial to making money through property.

“I don’t have much money behind me...”

Despite what you may have been led to believe, you don’t have to be rolling in cash to invest in property. We have a number of different strategies which will help you to reap the benefits of property based on your own individual ability to buy.

To find out exactly how you can earn serious money through property investment, sign up to the UK’s No.1 property course today.

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