Our NVQ Formatted Property Course

At Property Mentor we always strive to stay ahead of the rest in our commitment to offering you the best in property investment strategies, and our 3 day property investment course is no different.

property investment nvqTaking into account all the accreditations that the government now requires of professional landlords, we have taken our 3 day course and ongoing mentoring programme to the next level, and have structured our property course to the same standards seen on NVQ's.

So let Property Mentor give you the recognition you deserve...

In just 3 days you could be one step closer to gaining the accreditations and the strategies you need to enter into property investment with ease, reassurance and most importantly with the knowledge that you can succeed as a property investor.

What makes Property Mentor different from the rest?

Our commitment to providing our delegates with the confidence of being able to invest in property in all economic climates.

With our guarantee and NVQ formatting you can feel rest assured that our 8 PROVEN investment strategies can help you to experience £300-£1,000 positive cash flows every single month. Why? Because unlike 95% of other property courses our strategies have withstood 1 property boom and 2 recessions.

Compare this to schemes offered by other property investment companies and none can match this level of conviction in the strategies they teach.

How does our Property Course work?

Similar to an NVQ, our course will assess your skills, knowledge and understanding of establishing a new business within your current working environment.

property investment nvqAs an investor, the property portfolio you create today is a business that will continue to work for you in generating a positive monthly income each and every month. For this reason it is important that you learn how to effectively structure your property portfolio so you can adapt to every market or economy change.

Our course covers everything including: increasing your personal/professional development; achieving your business goals; retaining customers (tenants), planning your finances, winning & keeping customers (tenants) and deciding on the financial needs of your business.

So why not let Property Mentor help you to take your first step to long term profitability...

In just 2 days you could be one step closer to making your dreams a reality.

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