Peter Franklin

Property Mentor Delegate

How did you get into Property Investment?

peter franklinI have always been interested in accumulating profits through the use of investments.

Stocks... shares... with the right tools the potential is there.

But after years of receiving bad advice and losing money, I decided it was time to venture into other forms of investment and that is when I found property.

It is such a lucrative asset. After all, doesn’t everyone want to have a roof over their head? Yes. Yes they do.

It just became a question of me finding the right course to help me succeed, and luckily I did.

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What advice would you give anyone considering property investment?

Get the advice, do the research and make sure you invest only in properties that you know will work.

I have been investing in property for roughly 15 years, but one of my many limitations when I first started was finding the deposits to expand my property portfolio.

It was only after Matthew Lauchlan introduced me to the Property Mentor course that I discovered that there are ways of investing in property without having to use any of your own money - something I didn’t believe was possible before I was showed how.

But there is more to property investment than just attending a course. It is important also to have a good support network around you, and a team who have the same goals as you. With the right network, nothing will be able to stop you.

What have you gained from attending the Property Mentor course?

A lot. I now know where and how to research my properties; how to invest with minimal financial risk and how to successfully expand my property portfolio - what more can an investor ask for?

Many of you may be questioning whether or not to keep your property investments or sell them. But don’t. Don’t give in and sell up.

One of the key points I took away from the Property Mentor course is that with the right tools and knowledge, you CAN successfully invest in property, plus be in control of an immediate cash flow as well as future capital appreciations. It is all about patience.

So whilst it is true that many properties have fallen into negative equity, tomorrow you could be in charge of an ever accumulating asset that will be rising in capital growth i.e. property value. Perfect!

You just need to stand your ground and learn how to adapt your property investments.

I know personally, that if there had been a course likes this when I first started investing, my property portfolio wouldn’t be the size it is today… no it would be much, much larger.

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