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Bristol is recognised as having the largest centre of culture, employment and education in the South West of England. People really want to live there... so why don’t you make the most of that, by investing in this great city?

Bristol Ensures You Property Investment Profits
Year In, Year Out

If you too – like so many other investors – are searching for a location that can offer your tenants easy accessibility, beautiful landscapes and job opportunities galore, then you are not alone.

property management bristol Finding an opportune location that has got the properties, the rental demand and the cash flow is a goal we all seek. But what if were to tell you that we know of such a city?

A location that is enriched in culture, is economically versatile, and can provide you with strong monthly profits, year in, year out.

Would you be interested in investing? Well you can!

As a country of habit – never changing, never swayed - when many of us come to choosing our home we do not look based purely on the city itself. No. We are led by our jobs, our careers… essentially we move to where the ‘work is’ and will keep doing so as long as time will allow us.

So imagine if you could fulfil the nation’s desire, and offer your tenants more than a job location, but a beautiful home to match. Would you be interested in discovering how?

Well here the good news… you can. And you can start today!

At Property Mentor we feel we have found the perfect location. A city that is much closer than you think...

Interesting Facts That Make Bristol A
Fantastic And Profitable Property Investment City

Fact 1:

Bristol is recognised as having the largest centre of culture, employment and education in the South West of England. People want to live there...

Fact 2:

As we write this, Bristol is ranked:

  • As the 5th highest city in the UK for GDP per capita
  • The 7th most popular place to visit
  • The 9th most populous city in the UK
Fact 3:

And more importantly:

  • Has a GDP of £23,962 per head – 40% higher than the national average
What more can you ask for from a location? Bristol can offer your tenants everything they need.

Bristol... more than a pretty picture

There is definitely more to Bristol than its reputation as being a seaport. Look a little closer, and we think you’ll be impressed with what Bristol has got to offer.

Take its economy: aerospace, media, information technology, financial services and tourism.

Can you name any other city who can match this level of diversity in their career options? We know we can’t.

Yet Bristol has got something - for everyone! But this is not the best of it...

Take a look at their rental prices. Even we have to admit that their 4 bed properties look too good to be true.

Property type Monthly Rental Income
1 bed £501
2 bed £657
3 bed £695
4 bed £2,700
5+ bed £1,710

But they’re real! Each and every one of them.

What’s more, this is not a one off offer. In the last 5 months, 4 bedroom properties in Bristol have been breaking the £2,000 barrier every single month. And before? Well they may have been slightly lower, but at £1,409 a month they are still higher than many other properties of the same size.

They are in demand!

And considering that all you need to succeed in a property is a positive cash flow of over £300 a month, Bristol can easily match this requirement.

Take their 3 bed properties. It may be over £2,000 less a month, but it too has got a lot to offer: £8,340 to be exact. And this is on one property alone.

With just 4 properties like these, you could soon be earning an impressive £33,360 a year - £9,000 more than their own GDP, but for a lot less effort.

So what have you got to lose?

bristol property investment Bristol, Manchester or London, you can access any one of these many cities from anywhere – yes anywhere - in the UK.

In fact now is the perfect time to act.

You too can begin stacking and researching your properties in preparation for the Banks new lending targets in 2012, and have first dips on all their exclusive deals… before anyone else.

And at Property Mentor we can help.

We have got a course for everyone!

So if you are impressed with what you have seen so far, and want to learn more about property investment, at Property Mentor we can provide you with tools to invest in any of these cities and start building up your property portfolio in no time.

Investing has never been more accessible.

YOU Can Enjoy The Complete Freedom Of
Working From ANYWHERE In The Country…

Leeds “At Property Mentor we can show you how to invest with no prior experience, using little of your own money and make a profit of over £500 per month.”

You can use the Property Mentor System literally ANYWHERE in the UK, so the flexibility it gives you is second to none.

Maybe you're happy dealing in properties close to home, or perhaps you wish to use this valuable knowledge to buy properties in an up and coming property hotspot.

You can be based from your current home, or you could up sticks and actually move house yourself. A peaceful rural location, the excitement of the buzzing metropolis of a big city, a few miles down the road or the other end of the country.

The great thing is, once you have these techniques you can live anywhere you want. You are not tied to an office or a 9 to 5 grind.

If you've been thinking about a move or wishing you had the freedom to spread your wings, Property Mentor can help you achieve the means to be able to turn your dreams into reality.

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What will you learn in 2 hours? Everything you need...

What would you say if we could show you – in just 2 short hours – how it is possible to invest in any climate, in any city and achieve financial freedom in just over a year – would it be worth just 2 hours of your time?

Well, we can.

In fact we can offer you more than that. More than advice and tips. More than a one-on-one consultation.

investment property bristol But a unique step-by-step system that has stood the test of time, and has been successfully investing in the property market for many, many years.

20 years to be precise.

You see, there is a reason why we are recognised as being the oldest property investment company on the market – we have learnt to adapt. To change with the financial climate and the economy as it alters.

So whilst other investors may still be using the exact same system that was only profitable 10 years ago. At Property Mentor we can compiled together all our experiences, all our knowledge and have devised a system built on 8 PROVEN investment strategies.

8 tools that will enable you to invest in any market, in any city – Bristol, Cardiff or Manchester – and find success in all forms of property investment.

So far we have helped over 2,500 delegates achieve their dreams of creating successful property portfolios. 2,500 delegates, who despite the market going through both a property boom and a credit crisis, have created profitable investments of all shapes and sizes.

And you can do the same.

All we ask is that you give us just 2 hours of your time, and we will show you:

  • Where to invest – you’ll be surprised by which properties can offer you the best deals. They are not always the ones you’d think.
  • How to make positive cash flow – no matter the size of your properties equity – even if it is negative – as long as it has got a positive cash flow, it won’t make a difference to your monthly profits.
  • How to buy property using little of your own capital.
  • Why property is the best place to invest – forget stocks and bonds, property can provide you will all the answers. Stability... up to 25% annual returns – and yes, you can have this during the current economic climate too!
  • How to structure for long term success – turn the investments you make now into a profit for your children of tomorrow. In four years time you could be where we are today... property millionaires.
  • How to avoid costly mistakes – and jump to the top of your competition. Others may be running scared and selling fast, but you'll know better. Now is the time to invest.

And where you choose to invest,
will be completely up to you!

At Property Mentor we believe every city, town or region has got the potential to offer incredible property investments.

property development bristol So unlike other property investment companies who will tell you to stick to what you know and only invest locally, we encourage you to look around; to do the research and keep your properties diverse.

If it doesn’t hit our £300 base mark, then just move on and keep searching for the right deal for you.

With a little hard work and determination, you could soon be investing in properties from all over the UK and be earning an easy £300-£1,000 every single month for the rest of your life.

And Bristol is just one of the many cities where you could begin.

So open up the portal to your success and get investing.

By attending one of our many exclusive seminars, which are strategically placed across the whole of the UK – we can help you to make property everything you want it to be and more...

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