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Liverpool One is a £1 billion development which has transformed the city centre with 2 million sq ft of new shops, offices and leisure facilities. Combine this with the fact it is also home to 50,000 students... and you have the perfect Buy To Let city.

Liverpool: A Fantastic And Profitable Property Investment City

Liverpool With a population of around 450,000, Liverpool was the most successful European Capital of Culture ever thanks to 15 million cultural visits and 7000 events generating £800m pounds worth of economic benefit during 2008

Liverpool has more national museums and galleries than any other city outside London and the biggest single collection of Grade One listed buildings with around 2,500.

Liverpool One is a £1 billion development which has transformed the city centre with 2 million sq ft of new shops, offices and leisure facilities. And St George's Hall has undergone an £18 million refurbishment making it Europe's biggest regeneration.

It’s a buzzing, historic metropolis, perfect for the rental market.

Interesting Facts That Make Liverpool
The Perfect Property Investment City

Fact 1:

Liverpool Liverpool is a thriving, dynamic ever changing city, perfect for property investment. With lots of regeneration projects being carried out, the city is getting more interesting by the day.

The ECHO Arena and BT Convention Centre generates an extra £3 million for the economy every week are bringing the world's biggest music stars and high quality conferences to the city.

Pier Head has been transformed to include a new canal link, cruise liner terminal, a new Mersey Ferries terminal and stunning new Museum of Liverpool. John Lennon Airport is Europe's fastest-growing regional airport and the entrance to Lime Street railway station is being completely revamped.

Other than London, Liverpool is the most filmed British city, during the last decade this has boosted the economy by £100 million and attracted major productions such as Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter. Of course Liverpool is the home of Lime Pictures which produces Channel Four soap Hollyoaks.

Liverpool has Europe's longest established Chinese community along with Europe's largest Chinese Arch, standing 14 metres over the entrance to Chinatown.

Thanks to the University of Liverpool, John Moores University, Hope University and Sir Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), Liverpool is home to 50,000 students

All this adds up to a constantly multiplying supply of tenants who will be more than ready to fill your properties and pay you an easy £300 + every single month.

Fact 2:

Liverpool is one of England's core cities and the fifth most largest with 441,477 in 2002.

Referred to as Liverpudlians, inhabitants of Liverpool are nicknamed "Scousers", in reference to the local stew known as 'scouse'. Scouse has also become synonymous with the Liverpool accent and dialect.

Fact 3:

Sports lovers will love Liverpool, as Liverpool is the most successful footballing city in England - with 27 League Championships, 5 European Cups, three EUFA cups, 1 cup Winners cup, 12 FA Cups and 6 League Cups

The most famous steeplechase in the world, the Grand National, takes place at Aintree every April.

Liverpool has over 40 golf courses, 7 of which have championship status. These include the Royal Liverpool which hosted the Open in 2006 and will hold it again in 2014, and Birkdale which was the venue for the 2008 Open.

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