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Another London commuter haven. Around £200 per month cheaper than London rental prices, yet on average only 60 miles away, means massive potential for the investor.

Looking for the ultimate property investment location?
Look no further... Hampshire has got it all

property management hampshireWith a GDP of £22.4 billion a year, Hampshire and all its surrounding counties have definitely got a lot to offer to tenants.

Economically versatile, with a range of diverse and exciting career choices, this serene region has got the perfect locality for all those seeking big city lights and picturesque landscapes.

It’s true.

Situated just 60 miles away from Hampshire, is London. The epicentre for all those seeking big professional careers and incredible salaries.

And considering that we are a nation committed to moving to where the job is, Hampshire can provide tenants with the perfect living solution: affordable rental prices, and easy commutability.


But this is not the best part… property investment in Hampshire has got a lot to offer to you too. Demand, a possible monthly cash flow of £600+ and an economic versatility to suite all.

Take a look at these figures and you’ll see what we mean. They are almost too good to be true.

Property type Monthly Rental Income
1 bed £671
2 bed £811
3 bed £988
4 bed £1,358
5+ bed £1,300

Even the 1 bed property can provide you with a strong positive cash flow, each and every month. And the rest just keeps on getting bigger and better.

Don’t believe us? Well take a look at these figures.

property investment opportunityLet’s just say for example’s sake you decide to rent out one of their 3 bedroom properties.

In a year, you could earn £11,856, all for 1 hours work a week.

Now imagine what you could be earning if you assembled 4 of these properties into your property portfolio.

Go on, do the maths… yes that’s right.

From 4 properties alone you could earn £47,424 a year. £25,000 more than the average UK salary and for a lot less of the effort. 4 hours a week to be exact.

So jump on board and offer your property portfolio that added bonus – properties that work.

With courses taking place across the whole of the UK – Hampshire, Birmingham and Cardiff – finding the perfect course to help get you started and on your way to great investments, is just a quick click away.

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Maybe you're happy dealing in properties close to home, or perhaps you wish to use this valuable knowledge to buy properties in an up and coming property hotspot.

You can be based from your current home, or you could up sticks and actually move house yourself. A peaceful rural location, the excitement of the buzzing metropolis of a big city, a few miles down the road or the other end of the country.

The great thing is, once you have these techniques you can live anywhere you want. You are not tied to an office or a 9 to 5 grind.

If you've been thinking about a move or wishing you had the freedom to spread your wings, Property Mentor can help you achieve the means to be able to turn your dreams into reality.

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Hampshire... more than a simple region

And all these facts and figures are just based on Hampshire as a whole. Take a closer look into its counties, and you’ll find great investment opportunities there too.

Southampton, Portsmouth or Winchester. Look into any one of these cities, and here too you will see the positive impact London has had on its rentability.

Take the average monthly rentals for their three bed properties for example:

  • Portsmouth: £770
  • Southampton: £850
  • Winchester: £1,121

Each and every one of them can offer you results. Results that can surpass the £300 base mark that you need to succeed in property investment, and can give you a passive income of over £200 per property. If, that.

And if you take into consideration that their properties are £200 cheaper than London rental prices, all of these counties - Portsmouth, Southampton and Winchester - can provide your tenants with a direct route to London at a huge discounted price.


property investment hampshireBut what if we were to also tell you that Hampshire is just one of many regions that can offer your property portfolio such incredible results – what would you say?

Well, it’s true.

Across the UK, there is an assortment of property gems, waiting to be discovered. So begin researching, stacking and experimenting with your property portfolio.

Using our unique Property Mentor system, you can discover all these hidden gems of the property market and find investment bargains in places you never even imagined.

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Property Investment – what can it offer you?

So what have you got to lose? Just 2 hours of your time to discover how you can turn all these locations, Hampshire, Manchester and Cardiff, into profitable assets?

We have to admit, it would be well worth your time.

property management hampshireYou see, the incredible thing about our Property Mentor system is that it is perfectly designed to enable you to invest anywhere – and we mean anywhere in the UK.

From the northern reaches of England to Hampshire itself, with our system you can confidently begin researching and stacking your properties, safe in the knowledge that our systems works and will work for you too.

You see, our system is different to others. Whilst they may use 1 successful strategy, at Property Mentor we compiled together all our experiences from the last 20 years.

And with this experience we have designed 8 proven investment strategies that will enable you - no matter the financial climate – to keep on investing.

8 simple tools perfectly designed to help you succeed.

And your timing couldn’t be more perfect. Even as we are writing this, the property marketing is changing, and with it are coming some incredible deals:

  • Increased rental demand of 50%
  • Rental yields up 20%
  • Interest rates cut to 0.5%

hampshire investment opportunityIncredible deals which at Property Mentor we can show you how to harness.

We have got a course for everyone – you, your friends, your neighbours – everyone!

And the best part is you don’t even have to be in real estate to appreciate all these deals.

Through our 3 day Property Mentor course, we can provide you with the tools and training to begin investing in property with no prior experience, using little, if any, of your own money and start structuring your property portfolio.

All we ask is that you give us just 2 hours of your time, and we will show you:

  • Where to invest – you'll be surprised by which properties can offer you the best deals.
  • How to make positive cash flow – no matter the size of your properties equity – negative or not – as long as it has got the cash flow, it won’t make a difference to your profits.
  • How to earn £200- £1,000 per property, per month – and after 4 properties, you could be 100% financially free.

And where you choose to start building or expanding your property portfolio will be completely and utterly up to you!

The choice is yours – Hampshire, Cardiff or Manchester – whatever region; our system can help you to effectively invest in them all.

So if you’re interested in learning more about property investment or in building up your current property portfolio, at Property Mentor we can offer you the tools and insight to begin in any one of these cities, and start transforming property into the key to your own success.

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