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Home to the highest proportion of millionaires in the UK and its appearance in Phil & Kirsty’s ‘Top ten places to live’ (Location, Location, Location), makes Surrey an extremely desirable place to live.

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Described as having the highest GDP per capita outside of London, Surrey is a region enriched in culture, history and progression – everything a tenant could wish for within one place.

property investment surreyAnd the proof of its appeal – for both investors and tenants alike - can be seen in its appearance in Phil & Kirsty’s ‘Top ten places to live’ (Location, Location, Location).

People want to live here, and we can see why...

The fact that it has been accredited for being the home to the highest proportion of millionaires in the UK - even more than Knightsbridge is a testament to its locality and appeal.

But there is more to this region than its celebrity status.

For one Surrey is perfectly situated within reaching distance of London. And two it is a region steeped in such economic versatility, that no matter what your tenant’s career goals are, they are sure to find something within Surrey’s impressive walls.

Home to Nixon, Whirlpool, Canon, Toshiba, KIA motors and Toyota, behind Surrey’s service based exterior there is a further pool of career professions. Namely because London is literally on its doorstep.

But here is the secret...

Surrey may be impressive for professionals seeking big city lights, but it has got a lot to offer you as an investor as well.

Take a look at Surrey’s rental prices for example:

Property type Monthly Rental Income
1 bed £1,193
2 bed £1,492
3 bed £1,927
4 bed £2,760

Now we know we have caught your attention with these figures, but the incredible thing is that every single one of them is real.

And secondly they are higher than London. Yes, substantially higher.

property development surrey1 bed properties in London are traditionally rented at £750+ a month. But as you can see above, Surrey can offer you a positive cash flow that is nearly £400 more.

Add all these factors together, and Surrey's rental yields are just further proof of the strength of demand for property investments in Surrey.

Take their average 3 bed properties. In a year alone you could earn an easy £23,124. That is £1,000 more than the UK’s average salary, and achieved for just 1 hours work a week.

A big difference!

Now imagine what you could achieve if you invested in multiple property investments in Surrey. Go on do the maths… your passive income will be unimaginable.

So offer your property portfolio more. More than £300+ positive cash flows, but a region that can offer you property investments that can easily double this return and much, much more.

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Surrey... more than a pretty picture

Now if Surrey has got your investment juices flowing, then the following should get you even more inspired.

property course surreyYou see, these statistics are based on Surrey as a whole region. They have been averaged out from all 11 of Surrey’s borough’s and districts.

So if you look a little closer – as we are about to show you - you’ll find that each and every one of them can offer you great investments too.

Don’t believe us? We can prove it, and when we do we are confident you’ll be impressed:

  • Guildford: probably one of Surrey’s largest districts, property investment in Guildford can offer you starting rents of £2,113 on their 3 bed properties.
  • Woking: with property prices averaging at £329,771, property investment in Woking has got rental prices that can easily match this figure. On a 3 bed semi-detached property alone you could be receiving rental returns of £1,991 a month.
  • Epsom: with property types ranging from 1 bed flats to luxury 3 bed newly built houses, property investment in Epsom is surprisingly versatile offering rental prices of £1,000+ on their 2 bed houses.
  • Banstead: Banstead may be less well known amongst its other surrounding districts, but property investment in Banstead is very lucrative offering minimal rental prices of £819 on their 1 bed flats.

And these are just a third of the many districts you’ll find within Surrey that can offer you promising property investments. And as you can see, every one of them can stand their own ground in terms of offering a consistent positive cash flow for all their property types.

Even their 1 bed properties can generate strong passive incomes of over £500+ a month, whilst offering your tenants everything they need: a thriving economy, overflowing jobs and access to the countries capital London.

What more can you need from a property? Well, here is the interesting part...

Surrey is just one of many profitable regions across the whole of the UK that you can invest in as a property investor.

property development coursesTake a look around, and you'll be surprised by the multitude of hidden property gems that are just sitting around waiting to be discovered by investors like you. Surrey included.

So open up your property portfolio to all the possibilities that the UK has got to offer.

By utilising our unique step-by-step system, you can begin researching and stacking your properties, confident in the knowledge that no town, city or region will ever be able to hold you back. Never again.

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Property investment - what can it offer you?

So whereas other property investment courses may tell you to stick to what you know and invest locally, at Property Mentor we work differently.

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But you don't have to do this alone. At Property Mentor we can help.

Give us just 2 hours of your time, and we will show you how it is possible to achieve all this, plus turn all the above locations – Surrey, Kent, and Nottingham, into real and sustainable profits.

property investment course surreyNot just investments that will benefit you now during the easing recession, but ones that will last.

That will enable you to keep on investing and building your assets whilst allowing you to offer yourself and your family financial security for life.

And you can do it anywhere!

There is no limit to where you can invest and build up a successful property portfolio. So if you can find a property that can offer you a strong passive income of £300+ a month get researching and stacking.

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And the best part is our system is not restricted to just one financial climate.

Using our tools and strategies, you will be able to keep on investing and building your portfolio no matter what the financial climate tries throws at you. Property boom or credit crisis you will be able to invest in them all.

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