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Q: Landlord Threatening To Repossess Property

My landlord is threatening to repossess the property, I have paid my rent on time but am worried about where this could end up, can he legally do this?

From Laura Shepherd | Shrewsbury | 21/06/2010 | Tenants

A: Property landlords have only got the right to retake possession of a property in one of the following circumstances, so unless you have breached any of the below terms your landlord is acting illegally:

- You are more than 2 months/8 weeks behind in rental payments
- You have damaged the property
- You have refused/delayed vital maintenance work to the property
- You have breached a term in your tenancy agreement - taking illegal substances on the property; letting the property detoriate etc
 - You have been reported to your landlord as a nuisance to your neighbours and have repetitively failed to change following written warnings from your landlord
- You have provided false information in your tenant application form that helped persuade the landlord to give you a tenancy agreement

Traditionally, in each of these circumstances your landlord would have to issue you with a Section 8 form, and give you 14 days to respond. This can include paying your overdue rent or vacating the property. However, unless your landlord has gone bankrupt; the property is being repossessed or it was their home originally and they want to make it their residence again, you should always receive notification through a Section 8.

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