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investing in property

Making a profit from property investing has become the stuff of legends since the onset of the recession in 2007. With limited lending criteria and expensive deposits, the first question to pass every investor’s lips has now become: is it still possible to invest in property and make money from buy-to-let?

The truth is very easily…

You see, what the media stories fail to tell you when they write of ‘accidental landlords’ who have made great financial losses, is the fact that each of these said investors entered onto the property market on a whim. With no training, no support… Nothing.

And you don’t have to be a genius to realise that without the right training, property investing advice or strategies, you will make a loss. However, it doesn’t have to be this way…

You too can successfully invest in property, climb on the property ladder and walk away with £300-£1,000 monthly positive cash flows EVERY SINGLE month, simply by attending a quality property investing course!

But before we go any further and tell you more about our Property Mentor course, first let us prove to YOU why property investing is so lucrative…

How to invest in property

invest in property
Myths aside, property investing is not an exclusive club reserved to just the property guru’s. Equip your property portfolio with the right investment strategies and it is possible invest in property using little, if any, of your own money and invest No Deposit Down or All Money Back.

The trick is remembering to do the following

  • Research, Research, Research – your property investment is as only as good as your tenancy demand, rental returns and LTV availability. That is why it is essential that you research your properties thoroughly to make sure they are right for you.
    Using our Research Deal and Analysis Software you will effectively be able to research the profitability of your properties from the comfort of your own home and ensure that you invest ONLY in the right properties.
  • Is there a tenancy demand? - believe it or not, but not every property is attractive to tenants. Different areas and property types will have a weaker/stronger tenancy demand which will influence your ability to fill your properties and ensure consistently strong monthly positive cash flows.
    During our Property Investing Seminar we will teach you how to invest in the RIGHT properties in the RIGHT locations at the RIGHT price, so you will never be out of pocket.
  • Has it got strong rental returns? – the great thing about buy to let property investing is the fact that your tenants will pay for EVERYTHING. Your mortgage payments, the properties council tax, its bills… they will cover the ENTIRE cost of your property investment. But what about profits?
    Attend our FREE Property Investing Course, and not only will our property experts show you why it is essential for your property investments to produce positive cash flows of £300+ per property, but our financial advisors will also show you how to negotiate 10%-30% discounts and receive the BEST Buy to let loans.

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Why invest in property

If you have ever experimented with stocks, bonds or shares then you’ll know how volatile these types of investments are. Prone to experiencing annual returns of -8% to +25%, there is as much profit as there is risk.

However, property investment can offer you a much different story…

  • Property will NEVER fall into negative value - if history has taught us anything over the last 50 years is the fact that no matter the economic climate property will never – and we mean NEVER - be worthless. Even in the worst climate you will never find a FREE property, there will always be some worth for you to harness
  • Property values double every 7 to 10 years – so if a property is worth £50,000 now, in the next 7 to 10 years you can expect to witness capital growths of £50,000. Equity which you can use to invest in another property!

Still not convinced? Even with the recent recession, property prices have still risen by an impressive 105% in the last decade. Imagine what can happen in the next 10?

And if you are savvy enough to have not sold your properties during this period, but to have utilised them as property lets, then capital growths will not be the only thing you’ll be benefiting from as we’ll now prove…

Buy to let property investing

property investing course

Look at the property market 5 years ago and the height of property investment involved investing in property purely for renovation.

Yet, as you will have already guessed this type of property investment has proved less than profitable in recent years - that is unless you had the cash to turn properties around fast.

However, there are much more accessible routes available to you that can help you to invest in property without the need to spend thousands of pounds renovating. But instead will enable you to benefit from long term month-on-month profits that will enable the property to pay for itself: buy to let property investing.

And we can prove it:

Buy-to-Let Property Renovation
Mortgage Loans

Prove that your property investment can produce rental returns worth 125% of its mortgage payments, and not only will you be able to climb up the property ladder faster, but you will also be able to invest in bigger and better properties.

Utilise our 8 PROVEN investment strategies and you too can escape paying 20%-30% deposits and instead invest No Deposit Down or All Money Back

Interests may only be 4.39% and 95% LTV’s may be making a comeback, but most lenders require you to pay at least at 20% in deposits, a deposit you will have to finance yourself before you begin renovating.
Mortgage Payments Your tenants will pay for it all, all your mortgage payments, council tax and bills… EVERYTHING, plus give you an additional income of £300-£1,000 per property, per month

Whilst you renovate, you will need to pay off your monthly loan, as well as your own mortgage, pushing you into negative equity if you budget wrong

Unless you are able to sell your property fast, you will have to continue paying the properties mortgage payments until it is sold

Renovations Use our financial experts to help you negotiate 10%-20% discounts off your property and you will be able to use this cash saving to renovate your property without stretching the bank All costs will come out of your own pocket, so the bigger the renovation project, the bigger your spend
Future projects Due to the structure of buy to let mortgages, you can invest in multiple properties at the same time and expand your property portfolio fast. Until you have sold this current property, you won’t be able to invest again
Long Term Profits

The Private Rented Sector has increased in dominance by 4.1% in the last 8 years, an accurate reflection of the 0.6million drop in home ownership.

Invest right and it is possible to earn £300-£1,000 in positive cash flows (after your mortgage payments have been deducted), PER property, PER month PLUS benefit from instant cash backs of up to £9,000

Property renovations may be able to produce instant profits of £15,000 on average, but this is only short term

Discover everything you need in just 2 hours…

property investor

You don’t have to imagine being able to offer your family a financially secure future free from the pressures of having to afford mortgages and bills.

By attending our FREE 2 hour Property Investing Course, you too can take advantage of our 8 PROVEN investment strategies and 20+ years of property investing advice and come away from our course capable of investing in property in the next 30 days!

From our extensive range of Landlords Resources to our 20 in-house lenders to our qualified team of brokers, IFA’s and negotiator; with the support of our property investing seminar you can become the property investor you know you can be.

So why not let us help you to attain your property investment ambitions and attend one of our FREE Property Investing Course today. We are confident once you have witnessed how our unique Property Mentor system works, you'll be in no doubt about whether or not you want to invest.

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