Rent Arrears Reminder Form

This form is exactly what it says it is: a reminder which you can use to contact your tenants should their rent ever go into arrears.

rent arrears formDownload a Rent Arrears Reminder form now or alternatively keep on reading to find out more.

Surprisingly, this problem is more common than you’d think.

Now, in most cases your tenant will only be occasionally late, but there will be times when you will come across a more problematic tenant who will consistently refuse to pay their rent on time.

If your tenant falls into this category, using a rent arrears reminder form can prove very useful. Especially if this problem escalates to an eviction notice or even court.

By using this form, you can provide the court with physical proof of all the actions you have undertaken to obtain your rent, plus show them that you have got a legitimate reason for wanting to evict your tenants.

Similarly, these forms are easier for you to use than you having to physically seek them out each and ever time. Let us explain.

If for example you get a tenant who is never in or never answers the phone, then this could create future problems when it comes to proving your case in court. With a verbal reminder, your tenants could easily claim that they never broke their contract.

But add a form to the equation and you will have a clear written record of all your correspondence all documented down...

Uncertain on how to approach your tenant rent arrears? At Property Mentor we can help.

We too have stood where you now, wondering how to proceed, and understand your reservations to send your tenants this form, but it is important that you do!

Contact our team today on 01908 309274 and let us help you to make the right decision...


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