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property coursePivotal to building a successful property portfolio is knowing whether or not your rental property has got the potential to generate a strong return on investment once you have invested in it.                                 

As we say this we do not mean the monthly positive cash flow your property generates. It is slightly more complicated than that...

To gain a real awareness of your properties return on investment you need to look at its annual cash flow in correlation with the properties altering value. A task which at Property Mentor we can help you with.

Using our Property Mentor Finance Team, we can calculate - on your behalf - your properties annual positive cash flow and help you to determine the true profitability of your property.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of our return on investment calculator...

Through the use of a return on investment calculator, the only information you will need to be aware of is the number of properties you want to invest in; the average cost per property and its expected net return.

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